The Hungry Dancer has arrived!!!

Welcome to the Hungry Dancer!!!I’m Lauren and thanks for stopping by my brand-spaking-new Blog!!! I am beyond excited to get this blog up and running.  I have been debating about starting a blog for about a year now and decided to just dive right in!! I have been reading other healthy living blogs and always wanted to start one, but had fears I assume any new blogger would have:

  • Will anyone actually read my blog?
  • Will it be too much work?
  • Will I run out of things to blog about?

That was just the fear talking, and I’ve vowed that 2011 would be the year I would stop letting fear inhibit me! I am so passionate about dancing, health, and fitness and if this blog can help even one person a tiny bit, it’s good enough for me!! I’ve been so inspired by so many healthy living blogs I read that it’s my dream to be able to do the same! So I’ll be here everyday to hopefully inspire as well as entertain you!  My life gets a little crazy so you’ll be along for the ride.  Be back later tonight with some eats!

Did any of you have fears before starting your blogs?

Thanks for reading!



11 responses to “The Hungry Dancer has arrived!!!

  1. Great job conquering the fear and just jumping in Lauren! I just started blogging in December (mostly about fitness & saving money) and am still trying to learn about it. I’m a marketing student and a Beachbody coach. Good luck with your blog! I think I’ve had 1 comment so far, but it’s exciting to see double digit views.

  2. Thank you!! Seeing this comment just made my day!! I’m definitely going to check your blog out! Double digit views are awesome!

  3. Hey girl! Blogging is amazing and you will never regret you did started it! The friends I have made through blogging and the things I have learned are just amazing! Welcome to the blogworld and just be yourself and people will love it! Awesome that you are a professional ballroom dancer! Also awesome you live in cali, nice weather, beach, not here in Indiana where I live, snow snow snow right now! Have a great night girl! xo

  4. Hey there! And welcome to the blogworld! 🙂

    I know exactly how you feel–I was definitely scared to start my blog! But then I realized that I really had nothing to lose! I had learned so much through my weight loss, becoming a vegetarian, and of course through reading other blogs! I was ready to share my knowledge with others–and I am SO glad I did!!

    You will love it!! 🙂

    ❤ Stefanie

    • I am so glad I am getting so much positive feedback because it really makes me feel even better about starting this little blog! I’m glad you shared your knowledge because your blog is awesome!

  5. Congrats on starting the blog! 😀 I had the same fears when I started blogging, but there turned out to be nothing to worry about! As long as you’re writing about what you love, and are true to yourself, readers will come, and so will good ideas for posts!

  6. Yeah atta girl!! I remember shaking in my pants a bit but lovely blog, keep at it.

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