Coffee Crazy!

As I have mentioned, I am a caffeine addict!! I just want coffee all the time! Besides just drinking coffee, I am obsessed with anything and everything coffee flavored!! So before work these little guys were perfect!

I love my Keurig!  I like to make two cups with the smallest size, so my coffee is extra strong!! A little hazelnut creamer and I am in heaven!!

If you thought that was all the coffee I had….you would be wrong!  I also stopped at one of my favorite places.  Starbucks!

You know you have a problem when for the holidays you get five different Starbucks gift cards!!! I think I can get my lattes for a year without paying a dollar!! Yay me!

Now that we are done talking about my caffeine addiction lets move to dinner!! Dinner might not have looked amazing but it was!


This pita was filled with low sodium turkey breast, hummus, and yellow bell pepper! YUM! I am seriously loving bell peppers right now.  They are good with everything!!  But dinner wouldn’t be complete without some DESSERT!

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Oatmeal Squares, & a choco chip cookie!!

I am now on a sugar high and heading out to dance!!! My parents socially ballroom dance and my dad is involved in a salsa show, so I will be going to support him tonight!! Super excited!!

Do you share any hobbies with your parents??




One response to “Coffee Crazy!

  1. You are such a caffhead! I love bell peppers. They are so sweet raw

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