Meet the Parents

Considering we are still in the new stage of our relationship. I thought it was only fair that you meet the people who brought me into this earth!  Those people would be my mom and dad!  I feel so fortunate to be extremely close with my parents and that they support me in pretty much everything I set out to do.  (And that’s a lot because I am a little high strung!)

Meet Russell:

Coolest dad EVER!

Meet Nora:

My extremely fashionable mother!

My parents have played a huge part in making me who I am today!! And if you were curious as to how I become such a goof ball…here is some proof!!

Yes, my dad is dressed as Zorro!

They have really taught me not to take life too seriously and just have fun with everything that I do!

What really inspired this post though was my breakfast!  When I was a little girl my dad taught me my first recipe.  Eggs in a basket! It’s a simple recipe, but extremely yummy if you’re a fan of eggs!  Through the years I’ve made some adjustments to the recipe.  Whole grain bread instead of white, earth balance instead of margarine, and now I add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper!  I can never get enough spicy!! Must be the Latina in me!

Earth Balance on each side, holes made with a shot glass!

Finished product!

I don’t think I’ve mastered how to make my food look as good as it tastes.  Don’t worry though I’m working on it!! Soon enough my posts will have you drooling!! (I hope!)

Well that’s it for now because I’m heading out to a dance lesson.  I will competing at the California Open DanceSport on February 17th so I am in training.  I also have a dance showcase on January 23rd so I will be posting videos from that event so you can see me dancing!!

Hope you all have a great day!!


P.S Any recipes from your childhood you still indulge in?


3 responses to “Meet the Parents

  1. Hey! I am in LA and just started my blog too! I love to find other socal bloggers 🙂
    Your breakfast looks delicious!! I don’t really cook, so I guess there’s no recipe from my childhood that I still indulge in, I need to change that!

  2. Yay for new bloggers in LA!! I love breakfast so I try and always have something especially yummy!

  3. ummmmmmmmmm your parents are so cute! Love it! Your mom is a hip mom for sure!

    I love making pancakes, a childhood fave and still a fave! xoxo

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