To Run or not to Run?

It’s humpday!! Hope you are all having a fantastic week! Only a couple more days until the weekend! This weekend I will be dancing in a showcase and will be posting videos so you can see the Hungry Dancer in action. The past couple days have been a whirlwind but I have some eats to fill you in on!!

On monday I went to sushi with my mom and it was amazing. There’s this cute little place by my house that has amazing lunch specials!!

Miso soup and bean sprouts!!

Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing

The main dish:

This was the best albacore sashimi I have had in a long time. The crispy onions and ponzu sauce didn’t hurt either!

Yesterday I was able to make it to a Cardio Barre class, which was awesome! I have been dancing like crazy to prepare for my showcase this weekend and my competition in February. Some snacks:

  • Frozen Fruit Medley
  • Almond Milk
  • Sun Warrior Vanilla
  • Chia Seeds

One of the sweetest fruit bowls ever!! So good!!

One of my new favorite dinner creations would have to be my mexican pizza!! I’m obsessed with making pizza’s on tortillas so this was a new creation for me.

Before I start let me tell you that I baked the tortillas for about ten minutes before putting on the toppings.

In a bowl I mixed one cup fat free refried beans and two laughing cow wedges. Covered it, and put it in the micro for a minute and a half. I stirred up the mixture, spread it evenly on both tortillas, then added the jalepenos. My mom and I like things spicy so I added quite a bit of them. Finally I topped it with 1/4 cup reduced fat mexican blend cheese, and a sprinkle of taco seasoning. Into they oven they went for another fifteen minutes.

The pizza’s coming out of the oven.

My plate:

I ate it with this amazing cranberry mango salsa. I was in heaven. The combo of sweet and spicy was right on point. Best thing about this dinner was I made it for both my mom and I in under thirty minutes!!

I want to talk about a topic that is very popular in blog wold…Running!! I know so many of you bloggers are running fiends, and I am so envious. I walk my dog pretty much everyday, and I try to mix it up with running and walking, but it’s so hard. I can dance for hours on end but I can barely run a mile without stopping to walk. I would really love to be able to build some stamina and maybe eventually do a race but it seems hopeless. I would LOVE some feedback on how you learned to love running. As of now I hate it, but I want to learn to love it!

How did you learn to love running? Help a girl out!

Thanks for stopping by!


11 responses to “To Run or not to Run?

  1. i def learned to love running by not abusing it!! go for a short time… and savor it.. then let it sink in and just do a VERY small amount but keep running. try a mile.. then do a mile a few times a weeek.. then increse.. if you stay in a comfort zone.. then I learned to love it and it really helped my stress levels!

  2. I learned to love running….hmmm how did I learn to love it? I think its the sense of accomplishment after a long run that I love! Of course, long means different things for everyone. Its always rough at the beginning of a run, but you have to push through it and youll probably start to feel better after a few minutes! Thats what usually happens to me. Just be careful not to do too much too soon so you dont get injured like many new runners do!

  3. start slow and don’t give up! Everyone has to start somewhere, even if you run 1 mile for a good month or two. I promise the runner’s high is addicting, and your love affair with running will start soon enough 🙂 good luck!

  4. That Mexican pizza looks interesting. I never would have thought to combine the two.

    As for the running, I am a new runner myself and it’s been a struggle to find the motivation. I haven’t quite fallen in love with it yet, but I’m hoping that if I stick with it that it will eventually grow on me. Hopefully!

  5. I really like your blog! I also love lazy dog, so cute. I’m not sure how to make yourself like running. I have good and bad running days but most of the time I love it.

    There are a lot of couch to 5k programs that you could follow (not that you’re inactive, they’re just beginner programs), or you could run a mile and then gradually add on more distance, say a quarter or half a mile? I think you should find a 5k that gives you adequate time to train for and do it! Running a race is so much fun. Also, remember that walking a little is totally ok, just work on improving your time. Hope that helps a bit!

  6. Love the Mexican pizza!! Yum!! I still haven’t gotten to the point that I love running, mostly b/c I just got tendinitis from the treadmill and doing too much incline too soon. But, I feel like running is the #1 workout out there (at least for me) so even though I don’t love it, it does love me back…most of the time 😉

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