Friends Forever

Good morning!! (Or afternoon, depending on your location!) The last couple days haven’t been the best. I’m feeling blah and really missing my best friend. I think when you can have a friend from the age of five to the age of twenty one, you’re pretty lucky. My best friend is in Colorado though, and I’m here in California. Oh the horror!!

Meet Morgan:

She subscribes to the blog so I know she will see this!!

She is finishing college in Colorado but then she is moving back to LA and guess what??? We are getting an apartment together when she is here!!! Yay!!

Recent Eats & Drinks!!

Starbucks triple espresso over ice in a venti cup. Add sugar free vanilla and your own milk. So much cheaper then ordering an ice latte!

Veggie Burger wrap!! La tortilla factory Tortilla, Delicious Veggie burger patty, and butter lettuce!!

Kombucha and Celebrity Gossip!!

My Favorite Frozen meal….EVER!


Celebrity Sighting of the week: Nicky Hilton at Whole foods!

Note: My blog is NOT a food diary. I post eats that I think are worth posting, but I feel that posting every meal is boring and repetitive!!

On the fitness front, I’ve been dancing my a** off!! Training for a show and competition is a lot a work, and my body is feeling it!! Video from my show should be up by monday, so be sure to check by!! I’m going to start running this week and I’ll let you know how my progress goes!!

Have you had any recent celebrity sightings??



15 responses to “Friends Forever

  1. aww good friends are alwayas amazing -luck you! .. and WOW nicky hilton? AWESOME!!

  2. I love you! I wish I could be there for your competition. Soon enough though. I will be able to come to every single one (hopefully). At least document it. Knowing your dad, he’s probably already planning on it. I wanna see that sexy bod on the dance flooo!

  3. I live near most of the One Tree Hill cast but I haven’t seen them yet! haha. LOVE Kombucha and so excited that you have a reunion with your BFF coming up in the future! Mine will prob never live in the same state as me b/c I move so darn much! Cali is one of our living options though… SO want to move there!!!

  4. Which WF do you go to?! Really, I would love to know cuz I am a celebricizer. lol! The only celeb I ever see is Zachary Ty Bryant cuz he goes to my gym!

  5. I have those same veggie patties… Costco is my lover! 😉

  6. I wish I had a celebrity sighting!! Once I was Ben Affleck when he was filming Christmas with the Cranks a couple blocks from where I live, but that was so many years ago! 🙂

  7. My most recent celebrity sighting was Kourtney Kardashian in December! Living with a best friend is SO much fun!!! I also heard jake and t.swift had a lunch reunion recently… haha i love celebrity gossip!

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  10. do you live IN the city of LA or in the suburbs? Last time I went there I saw a ton of DList celebs but my last celeb siting was susan sarandon in nyc! I always freak out with celebs!

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