No Strings Attached

Hey lovely readers!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the sweet comments you left on my Swing dance!! As you know I LOVE dancing and I wanted to give you a chance to see me in action!! More videos will come, that is for sure. I was a little nervous to post it but after getting such a great response I feel much better about it!

The dance event was really fun. We did it in-house in one of the studios I dance in. It started off with some general dancing, then lunch:

I don’t like to eat much before doing a show so I just had some caesar salad, pasta with veggies, and fruit! I have to say that chocolate covered strawberry was beyond delicious!!

After eating we went straight into dancing!! There was a lot of awesome shows and dancing!! Along with the swing you saw, I also did Rumba, Salsa, and Cha Cha Cha. Once I got home I was tired and ready to relax.

Once I had some energy, I realized we had a big box of cubed butternut squash! It was getting close to going bad so I decided to roast it! A little olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne. In the oven for forty five minute, and was perfect. I have to say I really enjoy butternut squash!

My Plate!! I also ended up dipping it into bbq sauce!

Yesterday I worked all day, and consumed this delicious bowl for lunch:

This was pre mush.

Post mush:

In the bowl went 0% Fage greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, and Quaker oatmeal squares. Delicious and super filling!!

Last night after work I also went and saw

It was so cute!! I LOVED it. I definitely suggest you see it. I also munched a peanut butter choco chip Larabar during the movie!

So after the debate of to run or not to run, I’ve decided to RUN! I went out with my puppy today for a two miler. My iphone has an app that tracks my route and speed so I found that the route I do around my neighborhood is just about two miles. I’m starting with this a couple days a week and am going to try and be faster each time. There are a LOT of hills where I live, but hopefully soon I will be able to run the stretch without walking at all. Wish me luck!!

Do you think you can have a no strings attached relationship?? Or do you think feelings always get involved?



4 responses to “No Strings Attached

  1. I love this combo –> 0% Fage greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, and Quaker oatmeal squares! Looks and sounds delicious! And yes, post more dance videos!! 🙂 I really want to see No Strings Attached!! Looks so cute!

  2. I think a casual relationship is possible. You just have to be aware of the parameters beforehand and choose someone who is somewhat attractive but you have no feelings for whatsoever. I’ve done it. Young boy who thinks he is mature for his age but is sooo mistaken. See? Easy. He will never want to do anything more with me and I sooo don’t with him… the problem now is that whenever he asks me if I want to “hang out” with him I’m never in the mood/it sounds sooo unappealing. So maybe not. I should start a relationship blog haha.

  3. I want to see that movie–everyone who has seen it gave it a good review! 🙂

    Delicious yogurt bowl–I like anything with pom seeds!

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