Breakfast is my BFF

There’s something about breakfast that is so magical. This may sound crazy but I believe breakfast gives you the superpowers to get through the day! It’s by far my favorite meal. A lot of time I can’t fall asleep because I’m so excited for breakfast the next morning…Well this morning, breakfast was everything I hoped it would be and more!

I had a super sized Fiber One pancake. (it says makes three small pancakes…but I’m a rule breaker and made a big one!)

This became…

Which turned into..

YUM! I sliced some banana and added some sugar free syrup.

If you thought that was all I had…you would be wrong. I wanted more protein so I also had to have a bowl of egg whites. On the egg whites I added Avocado Salsa Verde. (From Trader Joe’s)

This may have been the best combo of sweet and savory I have had in a long time.

The best thing about this breakfast was it was a LOT of food for around three hundred, to three-fifty calories!! It kept me full until lunch! If you have not tried the Fiber One pancakes they are worth trying. I personally LOVE them!!

After breakfast I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. (Not fun!) After I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up lunch. (Same tamales I had yesterday).

Well Now I’m at work sipping a Starbucks Passion Tea, and putting out clothes. See you for Dinner!

What is your favorite meal of the day?


6 responses to “Breakfast is my BFF

  1. My fave meal of the day is definitely breakfast too! There are so many great options, and most of them can be used as snacks too!

  2. Breakfast is definitely my favorite! I actually had two bowls of oatmeal the other day…breakfast and dinner!

  3. Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal! I could eat it for lunch and dinner too 🙂

  4. Breakfast is my favorite! It’s the reason I get out of bed every morning 🙂

  5. Breakfast, always breakfast. And always a fruity one!

  6. AHh yum pancake! mine is breakfast for sure!

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