Grocery Shopoholic

It’s the weekend!! Yay!! Hope you are all out having a fun weekend! I just got home from dance and I wanted to post about my shopping trip today. I hit up Trader Joe’s and Gelsons.

Let me tell you, I’m the worst grocery shopper ever!! I go with no list and no plan. I literally walk down every isle reading labels, and picking whatever calls out at me. So here is what called out to me at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s

Group shot.

Whole wheat Lavash! & Seafood Blend

2 Pummelos, Organic Baby Spinach, & Butter Lettuce.

Mango Sorbet & Avocado Salsa Verde (buy this asap!!)

Where I went a little more crazy was Gelsons.


Group shot!

Kashi Berry Blossom, had to try it!! Perfect 10 bagels! These are the biggest fluffiest bagels for 140 calories! Frozen dark sweet cherries, and frozen mango.

Carrot Fries! (Trying these for the first time tonight!) Van’s light waffles. La Tortilla Factory tortillas. Laughing Cow light! I got two Queso con Fresco, one Garlic and Herb, and one Mozzarella and Sun Dried tomato!

There is also Dreyer’s non fat frozen yogurt, that I love to put toppings on for dessert!!

Well I have to go bake come carrot fries!! I’ll let you know how they go!

What’s your plan when you go to a market? Do you bring a list of walk the aisles like I do?


11 responses to “Grocery Shopoholic

  1. I miss Trader Joe’s and Gelson’s

  2. GREAT load!!! i make a list, but ALWAYS end up with much much more!

  3. You got a ton of great stuff!! I always make a list, but there are always a few items that sneak into my cart!

  4. I do go in with a list but come out with more stuff and stuff not on the list obviously ; )

    LOVE the kashi berry , you will be glad you bought it!! The laughing cow flavors rock too! Love al of their flavors!

    U got some great stuff, looks like alot of the things I get!

    Happy Saturday! xoxo

  5. I need to get my bum to Trader Joe’s! It isn’t even that far from me……….just kinda out of the way! I miss a lot of their products though that I used to get like cereals, greek yog, cheap tofu, frozen thangs, chips, crackers, etc.

    Excited to see how you like carrot fries, though I think they are also pretty easy to make from scratch too……..or so I hear, I haven’t tried them yet!!

    happy Saturday hungry dancer!! 😀

  6. I sometimes make a shopping list, other times I wing it. However, sticking to a list helps me stick to my budget so much better!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s really the best way to find new blogs to read 🙂

    I rarely have a list when I go grocery shopping. Hence why I am poor. I just love trying new products out, so there is really no point.

    That mango sorbet looks delicious. I’m obsessed with mango.

  8. I love Trader Joe’s!!

    I’ve never seen carrot fries already made like that…I’ve always made my own! I’m definitely going to have to look for those!

  9. I always have an idea of what I need when I grocery shop, but I like to roam the isles to find fun inspiration or new items to try. (:

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