Green Monster Gone Wrong

Happy Monday!! It’s a new week!! I got to have a awesome workout this morning at Cardio Barre!! Still loving that class a lot. I knew on my way home that a green monster sounded amazing!!! Well lets just say the green monster in my head…was a lot better then the actual green monster that I made.

Lets rewind to last night though… After going to the market only two days ago…I was already out of fresh produce!! So dinner had to happen minus veggies. I try to always eat a veggie with every meal, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

This was the seafood blend from Trader Joe’s, panfried with garlic gold and pepper. This is the easiest yummiest protein if you eat fish.

With not much else to eat with it, I put it over some brown rice, and covered it with cayenne pepper and parmesan! It was really good, but it definitely would have been tastier and more filling with some stir fried veggies.

My bowl:

Now lets talk about the green monster gone wrong! So I had this great idea to make a green monster based loosely off of the chocolate cherry bomb. Well let’s say my version was no where near as delicious as Kristen’s!

I started with Spinach

Sun Warrior


Chia Seeds.

It sounds like everything is going great…well I add the cocoa powder, and since I didn’t have banana I added strawberries. I though it might be more of a chocolate cherry strawberry bomb!

Everything in the blender

I also added 1/2 cup greek yogurt for creaminess.

I usually make my green monsters with almond milk, but I decided to use water. That was a big mistake, I think I used too much and my smoothie was super watery!!

Finished product

I drank it, but it was beyond watery and had only an essence of cherry and chocolate flavor. BOOOOOO bad breakfast!! I refused to not drink it because I used so many good things in it. But I have to say, I’m not very satisfied.

Today I’m off work so I will be running around doing some things, and going for a run/walk later!!

Have you ever had any smoothie disasters?? Have you ever had this great idea in your head, then when you made it, it wasn’t very good?

See ya later!

12 responses to “Green Monster Gone Wrong

  1. I’ve actually never made a GM with milk- I always use water! I do have a ton of almond milk I just got from Costco, so maybe I’ll sub milk in next time.

  2. I can’t do green smoothies so you are my hero:) LOVE your blog gorgeous girl and your dinner looks so good…it’s more than okay to not have some veggies everyday:)

  3. I really want to try the TJs Seafood blend! Also, how do you feel about sunwarrior?? I have been wanting to try it after reading about it on so many blogs, do you think its worth the $$? Thanks girl!

    • I LOVE Sun Warrior. It’s a little chalky but I love it. I have to say its kind of a love or hate thing because I love it but my mom tried it and hates it! Let me know if you decide to get it.

  4. I’ve only made a couple smoothies, so I haven’t had any major disasters yet. But I’m sure I will!

  5. Love smoothies! Yes using water would def prob not be as good!!! I guess you learned that ; )

    hope you have a great night! xoxo

  6. Sorry about the green monster! Yup, I usually add water to green monsters..however, the fruity ones I think almond milk makes it much better!! Well, trial and error!!! I make a chocolate cherry coconut energizer smoothie that is really good! I never tried the chocolate cherry bomb.

  7. I hate smoothie disasters! Hopefully your next one will be a success!

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