Dance Dance Dance!

Happy Saturday!! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday…no time!! Anyways, it’s saturday and I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!

Yesterday was filled with lots of dancing, sitting in traffic, and seeing a movie!!

I was the happiest girl because after many trips to the market and not finding my beloved White Chocolate Wonderful….I found it!!! And you know I bought two jars!!

Breakfast was a Perfect 10 bagel with my love and banana slices!! I almost forgot how good this Peanut Butter and Co. nut butter was!!

After breakfast I headed out to a dance lesson!! I will be competing at California Open on the 17th!! I can’t believe it’s only 12 days till competition!!! I love competing so I am beyond excited.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but LA has the WORST traffic!! So after an awesome lesson I sat in the car for an hour driving home!! (The drive is usually 20 min!) At least I had a snack with me!

I saw these at Trader Joe’s and it was my first time trying them.

At first I thought they were pretty tasty. After eating about half the package I started to get a weird taste in my mouth and wasn’t into it anymore. I probably wont be buying those again….

When I got home I was STARVING for lunch!! I had some of these babies in the freezer, and knew they would hit the spot.

If you have been reading the blog, you know I don’t eat a whole lot of frozen foods, but these are delicious! I pan fry them and they are unbelievable!! Four of these little wontons are 50 calories, and the whole package is 300 calories! If you are an eat the whole bag kind of girl like me, then you can eat them all and not be in trouble! 😉

My bowl:

They are so good!! And the ingredient list isn’t too bad either!! I suggest trying these!

I was craving dessert though and had bought a few of these skinny cows on sale!

If you are in a chocolate mood this is perfect!! I also love mini cups because you don’t have to worry about over doing it!

The star of the show was dinner…

These salmon fillets are stuffed with feta and spinach. I got them at Trader Joe’s and they are the easiest dinner ever!! Throw them in the oven and they are done!!

I’m sorry I didn’t post a picture of them finished…I was rushing and starving so I ate it right away!!

After dinner I had to rush to another dance lesson!! After that I finally got to relax and see a movie!!

So it wasn’t my best movie choice…It was entertaining but a little anticlimactic. I would say rent this as opposed to seeing it in theaters!

Well today I am working all day then heading to the El Capitan to see The Little Mermaid!! I am a disney fanatic so I am so excited to see it in theaters!

What are your plans for this weekend?? See any good movies lately?

Catch you later!


17 responses to “Dance Dance Dance!

  1. i want to see that movie!!… YES LA traffic is the WORST oh my gawdddd….
    and i LOVE that pb&co flavor! i can only get it in the states so its PRECIOUS! i have to savor it!

  2. Those tuna steaks look AMAZING!! I really wish my area had a TJ’s… I love that place. That and whole foods – yum! Is the roommate that movie w/ the roommate that wants to steal her life or something silly? Is it still in theaters?

    I saw Black Swan a few weeks ago – just out of curiosity, if you’ve seen it, what do you think of it from a dancers perspective? I gotta be honest, I hated it. I left 30 min before it ended.

  3. I’m so jealous of your white chocolate PB!! Not a big fan of the PB and banana combo, though – each to their own 🙂

    Good luck with competition! I’m sure you’ll do well, you deserve to.

  4. I really need to try that pb&co flavor! I wish I could find it here, but hopefully the health food store will carry it sometime soon (fingers crossed). And that tuna looks absolutely amazing!

  5. omg LA traffic is the WORST ever! I have to say DC is horrible too, where I used to live, I dreaded it everyday! lol!

    Your salmon dinner is the star of this post! Looks so good! I have to say though White Chocolate Wonderful PB is def a star! Stuff is so good!

    I hope you have a beautiful Saturday! xoxo

  6. I love that white chocolate peanut butter. Have you tried the cinnamon raisin one? I saw it once and didnt buy it, let’s just say I’m kinda regretting that one 😦 I saw The Roommate last night, it was a good movie but nothing that couldn’t wait to be seen

  7. Have a great time seeing Little Mermaid! I’m a huge Disney freak too haha! I just saw The Social Network and it was so good!

  8. I saw True Grit today, but it was really disappointing 😦

    LA traffic is HORRIBLE- I refuse to drive up there! If I go, I take the train. I have a panic attack if I’m behind the wheel!

  9. The only PB&Co pb ive tried was white chocolate wonderful and it was amazinggg! Way too dangerous for me to keep in my house 😉 LA traffic is a bitch. Your dance competition sounds exciting, cant wait to read about it!

  10. They sell similar seaweed snacks at my school… I think I may have to try them one of these days!

    I’m obsessed with dark chocolate dreams, but haven’t tried the white chocolate one… I wonder how it’d be in a cookie? 😉 haha…

  11. That salmon looks to die for!!! So glad you found your white chocolate wonderful!! ICE CREAM IS A MUST!!! Have a good day at work gorgeous girl!

  12. Those wontons look awesome!!!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  13. I am into nori wraps and seaweed…but not sure if I could snack on it alone.

    Thanks for the movie review. I think I will wait for it to hit On Demand!

    How exciting about your competition!!!

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