Disaster Day

I think it’s safe to say that when you are living a healthy life…there are slip ups. Most of the time I am able to really make healthy choices, but there are days when I go back to my old ways, and I eat bad. Superbowl sunday was one of these days! When you are surrounded by an abundance of unhealthy choices, and loved ones…bad things happen. I ate my share of pizza, tequilas, chips, etc. I find though that when I eat junk I feel horrible!! This morning I felt lethargic and heavy, it’s a bad feeling. At least it’s just one day and I can pick myself up and move on. I had a good time with my friends and family, and I am not going to beat myself up over it!

Enjoying champagne! There are a bunch of pictures of all the food from yesterday but they are on my dad’s camera. I will get them from him tonight and post later so you can see why I had such a unhealthy night!

Today I got to get in running which made me feel a lot better and back on track!! I have a competition on the 17th and I need to be feeling my best!!

This morning I was so bloated from the sodium in everything I ate yesterday, that PB on a bagel was the only way to go!! I needed something sweet!

I’m still loving my White Chocolate Wonderful!

I always pack my lunch for work so today was a pita sammy!

Pita with turkey, baby romaine, and spinach artichoke hummus!! It was perfect and delicious!!

I will soon be snacking on some pomegranate arils and finishing out my work day!!

Tonight I am going to dinner at one of the hottest restaurants in LA. Red O.

It’s a “Celebrity hot spot” It’s my first time going so I will be giving you guys my review and hopefully some good pictures!!!

See ya later!!


Do you ever have disaster days? How do you cope?


17 responses to “Disaster Day

  1. How rad would it be if you saw a few celebrities while you’re there!? ahh!

    Enjoy! ❤

    I ate like crap this weekend. faux detox time! =)

  2. Don’t sweat it girl- you eat amazingly most of the time and are generally awesome so it’s all good:) Trust me, I ‘slip up’ all the time!! 😛

  3. Good for you for getting back into healthy eating today. I used to have a really bad mindset- if I slipped up one day, I would just continue to make bad choices because I felt as if I failed. It’s hard to get back into it, but I always feel better when I do!

  4. Pretty sure super bowl sunday is a disaster day for 99.99% of people in america! I pretty much have a disaster day every weekend..haha. Oh well, its better than everyday, right? I agree that running or exercising makes me feel better. I also like to drink lots of water and eat a ton of veggies.

  5. I definitely have disaster days! Not this year on super bowl night, but I’ve been there for sure. I tend to eat crappy stuff when i’m around people…and justify it because that’s what everyone is doing. Sometimes it’s totally worth it too…but that next day lethargy feeling is so yucky! Hope you feel back to normal quickly!

  6. Sunday was definitely a disaster day for me too. I felt bad immediately when I woke up this morning, but I keep thinking that 1 day won’t kill me (or you!). 🙂

  7. Rick Bayless Is awesome! He has a couple places in chicago too, the Guacamole they have is AMAZING!! Im sure its the same they use there too, u must try! His places in Chicago have different names but are mexican fine dining ; )

    I hope you have a great night! Cant wait to see how you liked it and pics! xoxo

  8. i LOVE the white chocolate wonderful PB&Co PB! Have you tried the other flavors? I love the dark chocolate dream, too (but those are the only 2 i’ve tried). Sooo yum!

  9. I had PLENTY of disaster days in my off season – it happens to the best of us. BUT! It’s done now and there’s no undoing it so might as well not spend your time fretting 🙂

    Good for you for hopping back into the swing of things and working out/eating right straight again!

  10. livelaughloveandrun

    Everyone has disaster days!! Definitely don’t beat yourself up over it!! Usually holidays/sports games are the worst for everyone! You only live once!! I hope you spot a celeb tonight.. so fun!

  11. I guess I’m lucky that near-all of my loved ones hate the packers and the steelers! No super bowl party for me! But I still think I ate a Nutella sandwich that day! Whoopsie!

  12. Ahh disaster days typically turn into disaster weekends for me! haha Thankfully, I don’t beat myself up too bad and just start a new day with a fresh perspective.

  13. we all do!! and you had funa nd enjoyed everyones company and ate good food! its normal! do not worry or think about it one bit!

  14. I def have “disaster days”. I just try to not let it ruin the next day and start back on the right track as soon as possible! =D

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