Weirdo Wednesday

Happy hump day!! (I giggle every time I type that!) I thought it would be fun to dedicate a day to all the weird quirks we have!! I know I am a bit of a weirdo and hopefully you all are too :)! So I thought it would be fun to put three weird cool things about me! Maybe you can be weird too, and try it on your blog!!

Ok lets get started.

1. I am OBSESSED with pomegranate!! Pom seeds, pom flavored drinks, pom flavored candy….


2. I want to be on BIG BROTHER!! It is my favorite reality show of all time!! I will try out for that show one day!! You will see!

3. I use the words “faboo” and “faboosh” way too much for my own good. Some time’s I get funny looks….but I can’t help it!

Those are three weird things about me! What are three weird things about you?

In other news…
Spring Awakening was AMAZING!! I loved everything about it!! The music, the story, the actors!! The whole thing was beyond Faboosh!

This morning I took a Cardio Barre class!! So fun!!

I was starving when I got home so I made my new favorite meal!! Eggs and spinach!! I also added a spoonful of spinach and artichoke hummus!

I love sauteed spinach!! So good, so filling!!

I got extra excited because I drank a new flavored coffee!!

French Toast flavor!! Holy yum!! My mom asked why our whole house smelled like french toast!!

I’m heading out with my mom for a coaching with Corky Ballas from Dancing with the stars!! Speaking of Dancing with The Stars, I saw Kym Johnson at Spring Awakening!! I love celebrity sightings!!


15 responses to “Weirdo Wednesday

  1. French toast coffee?! I don’t even drink coffee and I would try that 🙂 YUM!

  2. I love your 3 weird/quirky facts! I’m definitely weird so isn’t too hard for me to think of a few:

    1. When I get over tired I like to dance. Except my dancing is really ridiculous because I’m so sleep deprived.
    2. If I find I’m saying a word/phrase too much I try to find a new one to use.
    3. I use to chew so much bubblegum that people nicknamed me the gum girl. :/

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I would love to try that french toast flavor! It sounds amazing. 🙂

  3. I am obsessed with Greek yogurt!! I want Anthony Kiedis (from RHCP) to be on his own reality dating show so I can go on the show! And I have to read the newspaper every morning! haha! Three very random things about me! 😉

  4. I love pomegranate seeds, just not having to get them out from the pomegranate 🙂 French toast coffee sounds amazing.

  5. Happy Weirdo Wednesday! I had my share of weirdness as I sang in the car on my way to work. For some reason I was crazy hyper 🙂

    Three weird things about me: I read health textbooks for fun. I have a sauna in my home. I hate running errands…and put them off as long as possible.

  6. Omg I have french vanilla coffee at home and I love it. I can’t imagine how good the french toast coffee much be!

  7. Do you know if they make french toast flavor in regular ground coffee?! I’ve heard their flavored coffee is prob the best ever and french toast coffee sounds amazing

  8. I KNOW! It’s so weird that they call Wednesday “Hump day.”

  9. I never got the whole ‘hump day’ thing either…who the heck started that?

  10. AHAHA big brother!? i want to be on REAL world!!!

  11. Pom seeds are yummy!!!!!

    Spring awakening!!! Sounds like a play I need to see ; )

    I sooooo would love to be a housewife on Beverly Hills Housewives, but I would totally not be a bitchy one ; )

  12. I need (yes, need;)) to find those K-cups!! yum!! 🙂

  13. ooh sauteed spinach is SO good!

  14. love weirdo wednesday! 🙂

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