One Week

Hello loves! I wanted to let you know it is exactly one week till my dance competition!!! It’s very exciting to have it so soon!! I will be sharing how I am preparing for it with you each day until the event!! Today I had a dance lesson and got my eye brows done.  Let me tell you when it comes to ballroom dance competitions, there is a lot more to it then just how you dance.  You have to look perfect, have the right costume, be tan, etc. I am hoping that I will be able to tan myself for the event without looking like an Oompa Loompa.  Naturally I am really really white…and I embrace it.  It doesn’t work for dance though, anyone seen Dancing with the Stars?? Those dancers are always tan!!

Today’s eats…



Fiber one super pancake!! (Recycled picture from last time I ate this deliciousness!)


Lunch was my healthified grilled cheese! (Yes, I made up the word healthified!)



I started off spreading earth balance on both sides of the whole grain bread! At the same time I sauteed spinach! (I am obsessed with sauteed spinach..for realz!)



I used one slice of reduced fat provolone, and a light string cheese.  I pulverized the string cheese in my food processor!

Finished Product!! Beyond cheesy and delicious!!
I also decided to try to make Green bean fries!! I made them based off Jessica’s recipe!  I roasted them like she said and they were delicious!!! Of coarse I had to dip them in Nancy’s light ranch!!
Try these!!
Dinner involved even more sauteed spinach!!!
I made up a bag of Trader Joe’s seafood blend, sauteed spinach, and laid over brown rice.  It was amazing!!!
The best part of my day…

Under the glorious frozen vanilla yogurt was a warm triple chocolate Vita Top, and a layer of White Chocolate Wonderful..This was heaven in my mouth.  I wanted to eat five more of these but I stopped myself!! If you haven’t had this combo, have it now!! You can thank me later!!
Time for me to hit the hay..
See you in the AM
Do you have to have dessert after dinner like me?? What’s your favorite “healthy” dessert??

16 responses to “One Week

  1. I love the Little Mermaid plate 🙂

  2. Earth balance is addicting!! My favorite healthy dessert is a cup of hot milk with stevia. I usually have it at least once a day, sometimes twice!

  3. Can you cook for me when I’m back during March?

  4. i always have a ‘dessert’ or really a snack! ahah not really dessert quality.. usually apples and nut butter or peanut flour paste!

  5. Glad you liked the green beans! 🙂 That’s the only way I like them!

  6. The Little Mermaid plate is so cute!! Sometimes after dinner, I’ll snack on some dark chocolate chips, but I don’t have a healthified dessert yet. Maybe soon!! Good luck on the competition in 1 week! You’ll do amazing!

  7. The dessert looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!! =D
    Good luck in your dance competition!

  8. Good luck in your competition, that pancake breakfast looks delish!

  9. I love your little mermaid plate, that is one of my favorite disney movies! I always wanted to be a mermaid like ariel! lol!

    Love the superpancake! Looks super yummy!!

    Yay for 1 week til your competition! Happy Friday! xoxo

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love that I’ve discovered yours, particularly as you’ve reminded me that I used to be addicted to roasted green beans, and need to make them again.

    Also, dessert? I have (no joke) at least four desserts every night. Although none of them could really count as healthy, probably. Because there are, you know, four of them…

  11. I LOVE desserts! Banana froyo is always a favorite! I’ll be looking forward to dance updates!

  12. My day isn’t complete unless it ends with dessert 🙂 That’s just how I roll…

  13. I’m naturally very white too. I always want to tan, but I always decide against it. Nothing is worth those nasty wrinkles later in life and, of course, skin cancer. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not judging your decision to tan. I do get a little tan (and sunburnt)over the summer.

  14. I can’t wait for your dance competition! It sounds so exciting. 🙂

    Sometimes I need dessert after dinner.. actually, make that most of the time. While I love savory foods, I am absolutely crazy about sweet foods and I don’t usually feel satisfied unless I end the day with something sweet.

  15. I love your pancake happy face!

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