Valentines Shmalentines

Happy sunday!! Sorry I have been MIA the past two days.  Working and preparing for competition is taking a lot more time then anticipated.  I am here now though, and I will fill you in!  Tomorrow is what some of us like to call single’s awareness Valentine’s day!  Truth be told..not my favorite holiday! Maybe because I’m single…but even when I was in a relationship it wasn’t my favorite.  I did like reading about how you other bloggers were spending your Valentine’s day.  Lucky for me, I am working and dancing.. so no time to even think much about it!!!

Now that I’m done with my rant on that..lets move on to some eats!!

Turkey Pita Pocket!

Egg and Salsa Burrito

The bizzle!!

I'm addicted to pummleos!!!

Fro Yo with Oatmeal Squares!!

Just some food highlights!!

My competition is on thursday so this week I am practicing like crazy!! I have a lesson tomorrow, a lesson on weds, and I’m spray tanning on tues!! I will take pictures after I insta-orange myself!! Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day!!

What are your plans for Valentines day??  Have you already celebrated??


14 responses to “Valentines Shmalentines

  1. I need to try these pummelos! They look delicious! I’m celebrating V-Day next weekend. Can’t wait for some quality time with the bf!

  2. Egg/salsa burrito looks bomb! Nick and I have dinner reservations for tomorrow but may just lay low instead.

  3. Wow–your competition is so close! I’m sure you’re dancing your little heart out!! Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  4. What are pummelos? I’ve seen them on some blogs but have never seen them sold anywhere!

  5. im wish tyou! V-day isnt big over here and i dont rly have anyone to celebrate with ahah!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day love!!! I know, I never liked it too much when I was single or when I was not single but dating a douchebag, lol!

    Yay for your competition Thursday!!! xoxo

  7. I have never had eggs and salsa together but it sounds great! Good luck in your competition and happy v day!

  8. Vday is usually no bueno for me so I don’t really do anything! There’s a slice of cheesecake in the fridge… that will be the highlight of my day =) haha

  9. Your egg burrito looks delicious!

  10. Yummy burrito!! And I’m spending V-Day indoors with the bf 😀

  11. turkey pita!! Can you make me one right now??

  12. Aww..I’ve always loved V-Day…so much chocolate and candy!! I also love pommelos. But boy, oh boy, they are expensive!

  13. That turkey pita pocket looks YUM-MY(the dash I put was a pause lol)!

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