Hello my loves! I am beyond thrilled with all the comments wishing me luck at my competition!! It means more to me then you could even imagine! I can’t believe it’s already happening tomorrow!!!

I wanted to talk about a certain subject…getting naked! When I was spray tanned yesterday, I stripped down to the buff!


It was kind of like this picture….but I was nude!! I wanted to find out how you feel about getting naked!!

  • Are you comfortable being naked in front of whomever?
  • Do you get embarrassed?
  • Is it easier to get naked in front of a stranger then someone you know?

I know a lot of people are very comfortable in their skin, and have no qualms about stripping down.  I on the other hand…am NOT like that!! In the past few years I have really become a lot more comfortable getting naked, but it took a lot of time.  I think to be okay with being naked, you need to make peace with your body.  I’m still not 100% happy with my body, but I feel really good about it.  I have come such a long way and I feel lucky to have a body that lets me do so many amazing things!!

It amazes me that I was the girl in P.E who would run to change in a bathroom stall! I was too shy to even change in the locker room!! These days I don’t prance around naked, but when the time comes to strip down, it doesn’t phase me.  While were on the subject of naked, I will never think going to a Gyno is “no biggie.”  That will forever be weird and uncomfortable! If you are a girl, I’m assuming you would agree??

Moving on….

I was beyond excited when I found this at Whole Foods!!

Coconut Butter!!

I was so happy to find the single serving!! I didn’t want to buy a whole jar because I may have devoured the whole jar it’s really  expensive!  Any ideas on how I should use it??

I also made a delicious breakfast bowl!!

Homemade creamed spinach with a Veggie Patty!

I’m all about making my own creamed spinach!! I like to add a laughing cow wedge to my sauteed spinach!! It changes everything…I mean it!! Try it now!!!

I have also been on a serious sammy kick!! I forgot how much I liked a regular sandwich! (I usually make a lot of pita and tortilla wraps!)

Whole Grain Bread, Turkey breast, romaine, and sweet and hot mustard!

Ready to eat!!

This was seriously tasty!! I love sweet and hot mustard!! So good!!

I also can’t stop eating Vita tops…My mom got me a muti-pack for Valentine’s day and I’m addicted!!  The heart shape ones are really cute too…


I haven’t posted much about workouts this week because I’ve been doing a TON of dancing.  I also only chose to do cardio the week before a comp because I can’t afford to be sore!!! I will be giving you more detailed workouts when I am back to my regular schedule!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of my dance comp!! (Hopefully it will involve me saying how many first places I got!!)

I'm TAN!!!!

I don’t know if you can tell how tan I am…but I’m DARK!!!! Especially because I’m usually beyond pale!! Lets pretend I’m not a big dork also!





11 responses to “Naked

  1. Yeah I”m not so hot at stripping down either, but I’ve gotten better… Sometimes I’m even shy about swimsuits lol. Oh well. I just feel awkward, even though I TECHNICALLY don’t have an issue with nudity (like, it’s just a body!)
    but my inner catholic schoolgirl begs to differ 😛 lol

  2. I used to tan either in a tanning bed or spray… I did the spray tan first for a couple of concerts but I hate how it gets blotchy. I would always get spots where the wire ends on my bra, in between and on the outside. I’d much rather use a tanning bed but it’s expensive and terrible for your skin…. I can’t remember the last time I got a tan. I was probably with you haha

  3. OMG you do look DARK! congrats! I used to run and hide to change in the stall too! Not anymore though! I walked around butt nekked before my wedding =) infront of the photographer even! my proud moment! hehe

  4. I am seriously modest- I hate being naked even in front of my doctor!

  5. I don’t do any spray tanning so I can’t tell you about that, but I do get brazilian waxes every 6 weeks so I’m pretty used to getting naked in front of my waxer haha! Sorry if that was TMI! Can’t wait to see waht you come up with the coconut butter!

  6. GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock it Out Girl!!!!

    U look good with the tan girl ; )

    put that coconut yum on your oats or spread it on toast!

  7. AHH im so jealous i love being tan! AH I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

  8. Good luck beautiful!!! You will rock it out!!

    I’m definitely not comfortable walking around naked in front of strangers!! Although after having a child it certainly gets easier! lol

  9. Getting naked in front of someone can sure make me nervous! lol

  10. Ill probably always have parts of my body that ill be self conscious about…but I was a swimmer for 20 years so I am used to being naked in front of others (locker room!). Yay for the raw coconut butter!! I went through a jar of it a while back…melt it and eat it on anything! so yum 🙂

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