Versatile Blogger Award

Happy Sunday!! So glad to finally have a day off this week!! This day has been full of lounging around!! I usually have trouble just hanging out and not doing anything, but today was a needed rest day!!

Moving on…

The lovely Sophia at Raven Waves, honored me by giving me the Versatile Blogger award!! So sweet of her, and her blog is fabulous! Go check it out!! Thanks Sophia!!

So, to display this award, here are the rules:

  • Write a post like this: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
  • Tell your readers seven facts about you
  • Award recently discovered bloggers with the prize.
  • Contact the winners.

1.  My parents have lived in the same house my entire life. I know a lot of people have moved plenty of times, but we haven’t.  It’s nice to really feel like I have a home, I’ve been here forever and I love this house.  I moved out for a year with my cousin, but right now I’m living at home again.

2. I used to want to be Britney Spears. As a child, I was obsessed with Britney!! I’ve always loved performing, and for a while I really wanted to be a singer.  Unfortunately, my voice is good enough for karaoke, but not good enough to actually be a singer!!

3.  I was blonde my senior year of high school. At the time I thought I looked really cute….now I know that I am meant to be a brunette!

4.  I love mac computers! I have never had a PC before, but mac’s are the easiest in the world to use!! They are beyond simple, and never get virus’!

5.  I am beyond close with my mom. We have a really strong bond, and she is one of my best friends.  Of coarse we fight like any other mother and daughter, but we share a really special bond.

6.  My first boyfriend broke me. I think a first relationship can really make or break you. For me, it broke me.  I fell hard for him and he broke my heart.  It was a bad relationship, but it taught me a lot.  It taught me not to settle, to realize what I deserve, and to believe in myself.  You think someone is your life and you will never get over him, but time passes and you do move on.

7.  I am a math whiz! I have always loved math!! Most people hate it but I love it!! When I took my placement exam in college, I placed really high in math and the counselor asked me if I wanted to be pre med…that was a big NO!

Thanks again Sophia!! The three bloggers I am going to give the award to are:

What are some of your random facts?? Can you relate to any of mine??



8 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. My mom still lives in the house I grew up in — so many memories!

    NEVER settle =) You’re too amazing — i’m so thrilled you realize that too! ❤

    Thanks for the award dahhhling! so awesome! I've got to remember to do this post! its perfect since I have writers block OFTEN! ❤

  2. UM I love math too! Well, kind of. I like doing it ot an extent but I’m not supe rmotivated by just doing math and that kind of thing, so I’ve fallen more in love with biology because I have an easier time finding an application…

    But this was so fun to read! 🙂

  3. I love my mac computer too! I used to have a PC, but there were always so many problems. Mac rules! 🙂

  4. I like math, too! Although I admit I get super frustrated when I can’t figure it out! I took 2 semesters of Calc in college and it was fun but that enough for me! 🙂

    My Mom is one of my best friends too!! 🙂

  5. i LOVE MAcs too! and i cannot believe you were blonde!!! I got highlights once and it looked aiight but am brunette too 😀 YUCK you like math !:!!!?!?

  6. I totally wanted to be Britney Spears too! I still love her.

    And I’m a Mac girl as well. I don’t know how I ever functioned with a PC.

  7. I dyed my hair blonde when I was a senior in High School and I thought I looked so cute…Looking back im 100x better looking with my natural hair color!!
    Math was my favorite subject too AND i’ve only owned a mac 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for the award! I’ll do it tonight 🙂

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