Almond Butta

Hello my peeps! Hope you are all having a fun hump day!! Mine has been pretty hectic! (That’s the reason for the later then usual post!)  Anyways….I wanted to share a love story with you all!!

There was a girl who never knew the beauty of almond butter until she read this amazing blog!  She didn’t even know it existed!! She had her first spoonful and there was no turning back!! She loved it on bananas, oats, VitaTops, etc.  It was just perfect!

Something happened though…..The girl cheated on her beloved almond butta, with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter.  Their relationship was new, exciting, tasty.  She completely forgot about almond butta and was infatuated with WCW.

Something happened though..she remembered her little friend! They got back together!!!

Okay..on a serious note.  I hadn’t had almond butter in so long and seriously forgot how amazing it is.  I always love raw almond butta, but this one is also a star!

I bought a jar and I may or may not be half way through it after two days…


Steel cut oats, naner, almond butta

You better believe that almond butta made it into my morning oats!!  Yum, yum, and yum!!

I also sipped this at work :)!

Lunch was an un pictured wrap!! Sorry, I was busy at work and ended up inhaling it in between helping customers! In the wrap was: turkey breast, butter lettuce, and avocado!  It was delish.   A creamy avocado can change everything!!!

I’m heading to dance for an hour.  After I will be meeting my friend Shay at Gyu-Kaku for their late night happy hour!!! Their prices are ridiculous!! If you have a Gyu Kaku near you I would check it out!!

What do you prefer? Almond butta, or peanut butter?? Any good happy hours in your area??



9 responses to “Almond Butta

  1. Hmm I honestly don’t know if I can choose. I’m kind of obsessed with both. I haven’t had almond butter in a long time except for one small packet of justin’s chocolate almodn butter which is heavenly. right now ijust had a spoonful of pb though so it’s kidn of at the forefront of my mind…

    i guess i’m a nut butter slut. 😉

  2. Almond butter!!! You need to try the raw almond butter from trader joes, its the best!

  3. I’m a peanut butter girl at heart, but almond butter is definitely growing on me!! Your oat bowl looks so yummy!!!

  4. gasp, I know, but I STILL have never tried almond butter!

    I need to. now nobody’s going to read my blog anymore.

  5. I eat peanut butter WAY more often but i love both! You have to make your own almond butter its SOOOOOO easy!!

  6. OMG I LOVE ALMOND BUTTER!! my all time favorite is PECAN butter-you MUST MAKE IT!

  7. I love roasted almond butter but I haven’t had Peanut butter in so long, I kind of am sick of almond and all I want is PEANUT BUTTER!

  8. I loveee almond butter!! Justin’s maple ab is one of my faves! 🙂

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