Life in the Fab Lane

Hey friends!! So a couple months ago we let the Kimora Lee Simmons show film in our store!! (This was before I had this bloggy)  I haven’t talked much about my work before so I will fill you in now.  My parents have owned children’s clothing stores since I was a little girl.  Our stores are fun, funky, designer clothes.  I work for them full time in the stores and also out of the stores.  I do a lot of buying and a lot of the behind the scenes technical work.  I love the stores and I love helping my family.  So back on topic, having a reality show film in store is HECTIC!  (We also had The Girls Next Door film in our store)

While in the store, I signed a release and all that business, but I didn’t end up making it on the show.  They did get some awesome shots of our store, so if you’re interested, check out this VIDEO! Our store is called Ragg Tattoo!  In case you were wondering, Kimora was beyond nice in person, and her daughters were very cute.  They loved all of our fancy dresses, especially the brand Les Tout Petit!

Now onto some eats!!

This morning started off with Van’s lite waffles!! I love these waffles when they are crunchy out of the toaster!!

One with WCW, one with AB!

I was running low on food…so this breakfast was as good as it was going to get!! After breakfast I had another date with Jillian Michaels and 30 day Shred! I have to tell you I have never gotten past level one……I never do it often enough to move on.  Whoops! Hopefully I will be telling you about level 2 soon! I’m thinking about doing the 30 day system and reviewing it…any thoughts??

Lunch was definitely more of a star then breakfast!!

On a whole wheat tortilla: Chicken Breast, avocado, spinach.  It was perfection.  The toasted tortilla and warm chicken really hit the spot!


At this point I headed to work for a quick shift before heading to the mall!! I had to hit up Bloomies to get my best friend a birthday present! I am really excited about what I got her.  I can’t tell you until after she opens it! (Just incase she ends up reading this post!!) Knowing I had a lot of hours between lunch and dinner I had to bring a snack!!

My favorite flava!!

I’ve been DYING to try the cookie dough flavor LaraBar! They don’t have it anywhere in LA that I go!! If you have this flavor, be my best friend and FexEx it to me!!!! (Kidding…..kind of)

After I got my gift shopping done I stopped to get a few groceries.  I have to say I am proud of myself for only buying the present and nothing for myself!! I hate to admit I have a little bit of a shopping problem…but I’m trying to keep it under control!! I am saving for something special. (Hoping for an announcement about that soon!)

By the time I was home for dinner I was being lazy and made this frozen meal.

I have said it before, but Cederlane is my favorite frozen meal brand! So good!! I took a picture of this cooked, but it looks way to unappetizing to post!!! It tastes like heaven…but it sure didn’t look like it!!

I’m currently watching Jersey shore and munching sweet and spicy popcorn!


Have you seen Kimora’s show?? What’s your favorite reality show?? Favorite frozen entree??


9 responses to “Life in the Fab Lane

  1. The wrap looks so good!! All that spinach!! YUM! So cool that the show filmed in your store!! I watched Jersey Shore last night. Mike is getting really annoying, and I feel bad for Snookz. She clearly really does like Vinny 😦

  2. i havent seen her show 😦 i dont think it plays over here.. ahh my dad got cookie dough flavor in LA! ill ask where he got it!!!

  3. i havent seen her show 😦 i dont think it plays over here.. ahh my dad got cookie dough flavor in LA! he said he got them at WHOle Foods!

  4. I have a shopping problem too it’s ok! That’s si awesome Kimora came in your store. Your job sounds awesome. I loved the 30 day shred. Definitely shoot for level 2. It will kick your butt!

  5. Yummy eats! How awesome that you got to meet Kimora! Her show is fabulous and I’m definitely a Jersey Shore junkie! Love the drama 😀

  6. That’s so exciting! Not going to lie, I am a total sucker for Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 🙂

  7. OMg thats so awesome!! I just watched the clip 🙂 I am a total celebricizer so i would have been freaking out! Is your parents store in Santa Monica?

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