Too much fun

Hello my loves!! It’s monday!! New week…almost new month! Can you believe tomorrow we will be in March? 2011 is flying by already!! Hope you all had a great weekend.  I think I had too much fun this weekend!! You can scroll down to see the proof in pictures!!


Our group!!

See me in the background??? hehe...

Shay and I!!

Angela and I!

My loves!

Angela, Laura, Shay, Jamie, ME!

This girl knows how to have a good time!!!

Anyways, as you can see we had a crazy good time!! I don’t go out that often anymore because I’m so busy…but I missed it!! This night was beyond fun!!! I love my friends so much and feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great people!!

Lets move onto some eats!!

Nachos shared while watching the Oscars!!

TJ's Seafood blend, marinara sauce, spinach, parmesan!

Note: I don’t photograph everything I eat!! I only photograph eats I think are worth sharing!


I’ve been on a serious oats kick, but this morning I was craving savory!! Hello grilled breakfast sammy!!


In the sammy was: reduced fat cheddar, turkey bacon, and egg whites!!  So delish and filling!! It was exactly what I was craving!!

Time for me to head back to work!! See you later!!



Did you watch the Oscars? Who did you think was the best dressed??


15 responses to “Too much fun

  1. haha I hear ya on not photographing absolutely everything. Noone wants to blog ” and then I ate this cracker. but didn’t like it. so I didn’t eat anymore crackers” bahaha!

  2. GIRL you are gorgeous!!! that looks like a blast!! savory for breakki?!?! never in my book!
    i didnt see the oscars.. time difference is a boob!

  3. I loved Mandy Moore’s gold dress she arrived in and also Mila’s light purple dress, I loved how flowy it was!

  4. Looks like you had such a fun time! Mila Kunis won best dressed in my eyes. I want to wear that dress myself!

  5. I loved Mila’s dress, she looked gorgeous- I am jealous of her!

  6. Wow seems like everyone loved Mila’s dress! Lol I did too, I thought it was so elegant without being flashy. Your breakfast looks yummy, I don’t think I’ve ever woken up with a savory craving which is why my posts are filled with oats lol Love your going out pics, you all look gorgeous!

  7. I loved Scarlett Johansson’s dress 🙂 I think I am the only person who didn’t like Mila Kunis’s!

  8. Glad you had fun love!! I have been craving savory for breakfast lately too! I never thought I would crave something other than oats, im sure ill be craving them again soon though 🙂

  9. I thought Mila and Natalie Portman both looked amazing!

  10. Yes! I did watch the Oscars! This was my first time doing so and I actually really enjoyed it. My favorite dressed celebrity was probably.. the one worn by Mila Kunis. Gorgeous!

  11. You are adorable! I love it. I seriously cannot believe that March is almost amoung us. It’s time for Spring Break and I can’t wait to just relax back at home.

  12. You look gorg! Glad you had a great weekend! 🙂

  13. U looked like you had a blast this past weekend! U have the most beautiful hair, I LOVE the curls! U always look so pretty : )

    I found the 90 calorie packs at a organic store here! I now cant find them again : p I got them a while ago, that was my last one I used too! Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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