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Try This Thursday

Hello friends!!! I can’t believe it’s already thursday!! This week FLEW by!!!! So I have decided to try something new on the bloggie!! Try this thursday!! Every thursday I’ll tell you three things you should try!!! Lets get started!!

1. Mexican Socca Pizza


Being a mexican, I feel the need to mexify tons of my meals!! I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE mexican food!! So here is my healthified socca pizza!!

I pan fried a a socca and topped it with vegetarian refried beans and low fat cheese!!

Topped with salsa obviously!!


NOM NOM NOM!! Try this beauty ASAP!!!

2. Take a swing dance class!!

Last night I went out socially dancing with my cousin!!! It was a west coast swing club, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Most places that have these dance nights have a group class before!! Go take a class and then dance the night away!! Soon enough you will be dancing like this:

3. Tell someone you love why you love them!!!

I think sometimes we don’t tell the people we love, how much they mean to us!! Never take anyone for granted and treat people the way you would want to be treated!!


I Love my Grandpa because he is one of the most generous, loving, kind, funny people I know!!! I grew up with my grandpa driving me to and from school every single day!!! I am beyond close with him, and am so lucky to have a grandpa like him!! I love you Grandpa!!!

That’s all for today!!


What are you going to try???

P.S look at this!!


See ya Later Cocktails & Best Dessert

Hello my loves!! Happy hump day!! How’s your day treating you??? Mine has been pretty good so far!! Mostly because I ate socca for breakfast! 🙂

If you missed my last post…I mentioned that I will be competing in one month!!! WOW!! I already told you that I am trying to lose some weight, and I’ve decided that I am giving up cocktails!!! I have always made sure to drink my healthified cocktails, but I think it’s time to cut drinking out all together. I am not saying I will never drink again, because that would be crazy!!! BUT I’ve decided to quit it for the next month!! It’s important for me to be in my best physical shape!! Look at these dancers bodies!!


Edyta Sliwinska


Lacey Schwimmer


Karina Smirnoff

I think it’s important to NOT compare your bodies to someone else’s!! But I do find dancers bodies extremely inspirational!! I mean they are rock solid!! There is nothing more sexy than a curvy woman with amazing tone!! They are slim but they have a shape and so many muscles!! Dancing trains your body to use muscles you never knew you had!! Exercise in disguise my friends…


Food!! Taking about yesterday’s eats…..



Breakfast was another Socca Eggstada!!! It was as delish as ever!!! (I ate it again today for breaky!!! It is THAT good!!)



These strawberries were phenomenal!! There is nothing better than amazing strawberries!!


How gorgeous are these?????



This is my bulked up Trader Joe’s salad!! I took a TJ’s pre made southwest salad and bulked it up with extra romaine and chickpeas!! It was a salad monster that made me happy!!



Usually around 4PM me and my co worker have POPCORN TIME!! No..not T-shirt time!! POPCORN TIME!!!


I am not going to pretend this dinner looks appetizing…but I’ll show you anyways!!!

I used these noodles:


Bleh! Not a fan!!!


I made TJ’s seafood blend and ate it with the pasta and spaghetti sauce!! Let me tell you….not that great! I tried out this pasta because it was on sale at Whole Foods, but I was disappointed!! I would have rather had a small serving of real whole wheat pasta, then eating this huge bowl of gross noodles! I ate it anyways, but won’t be making it again anytime soon.

See, there are fails in the Hungry Dancer kitchen!!!


My night of eats turned around when I made this amazing dessert!! I am totally one of those people who needs dessert after dinner, always!!


So glorious!!!

  • 1/2 cup plain 0% greek yogurt
  • 1 T cocoa powder
  • Sliced strawberries
  • 2 T dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. (!!!!)

Seriously, I die!! This was heaven in a bowl. I am drooling on the counter at work just thinking about it!!!


Get in mah belly!!!!! The chewy, sweet, chocolatey mess was the BEST!!!!

Im out like trout!


P.S I forgot to tell you about my most recent CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS!!!

1. Lo Bosworth of the Hills at Trader Joe’s! She was super cute and slim in person!

2. Heidi Klum in my store!!! She was shopping with her kids!! One of her body guards were standing in front of the store, the other inside with her and the kids! She is drop dead gorgeous!! I’m sure you already knew that though!!

What’s the best yogurt bowl you’ve made lately?

Do you drink? If so, do you like to healthify your cocktails?

Best celebrity sighting you’ve ever had?


It’s another Monday! Can you believe it?? I feel like the weeks fly by!! It’s almost April!! Anyways, did you have a great weekend?? Mine was pretty great!! My weekend was filled with LOTS of dancing, and that makes me very happy!!

Friday involved a 3 hour social dance party. It’s really fun to socially dance as well as competitively dance!! I love doing both, and I probably will never stop!! If you ever get the chance to go out salsa dancing, or swing dancing, take it!! Even if you can’t dance, you will have a blast! Trust me!! Not to mention that hours of dancing burns TONS of calories!! I was a sweaty beast after 3 hours and dancing of friday!! So fun!! Yesterday I had a lesson with my instructor because….


If you missed it…you can catch a recap of my last competition here!!!


Now on to some eats……


Banana oats with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter!


Romaine with chickpeas and reduced fat cheddar! Nancy’s light ranch! (My fav!)


Freeze dried mango! Delicious!!!

! IMG_0629.jpg

I love these because the only ingredient is mango!!! It is crunchy and less calories then regular dried mango!! I am loving freeze dried fruit right now!!

I also at dinner at Gyu Kaku with my friend Shay!


Wine for me!


Ahi tuna poke


Tuna Volcano!!

FYI I always get this combo when I come here!! Creature of habit!!


He got the beef that we were able to cook at the table!! I love this BBQ style restaurant!

More eats….


Fiber One pancake with banana!!


Rice bowl!!

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • sauteed spinach
  • Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs (YUM!)
  • Trader Joe’s avocado salsa verde!

Let me tell you, this bowl was SO FILLING!! This kept me full for hours!! I plan to re create this for dinner tonight!!


Trader Joe’s spinach and feta stuffed salmon!! (HOLY DELICIOUSNESS!!)


Am I now a Pescatarian?

I wanted to talk a little about something that I’ve been considering for a long time. If you have been a reader for a while, you may know that I don’t eat red meat. I hate to say I don’t eat something, because there is always exceptions…but in general it just isn’t my thang! I do eat my share of lean meats such as turkey and chicken breast. I don’t like to label myself…but I’ve made a decision to stop eating all meats besides fish! I am not saying that I will never eat poultry again…but for now I’m trying this out!! I find that I don’t like to relay so much on animal protein and this helps me do just that!!! But no vegetarian diet for this girl…I love my sushi way too much!!!!



Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or none of the above?? If you are, what made you decide to eat that way??

Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey there!! I’m blogging from work, where I’m sick as a dog! I haven’t been able to eat anything yet and I feel horrible!! Let me just tell you…these past two weeks have NOT been the best weeks ever! I don’t want to sit here and bitch and moan about my problems…but these are worth venting. And hey, it’s my blog…I can do what I want!! (hehe!)

Ok lets explain these series of unfortunate events that have been encompassing my life!

1. I lost my wallet on St. Patricks day.


I am not sure if I lost it..or it was stolen. Lets say that those holiday drinks can get the best of you!!!! I think I left it in a cab and the next person who got in took it!!! I didn’t have much cash so that was no biggie..BUT I LOVED that wallet!! I also lost my license and debit card, which will lead to even more unfortunate events!

2. The only form of photo ID I have is an EXPIRED passport!


I turned 21 about 6 months ago….so it’s safe to say I ALWAYS get carded. To make matters worse…my friend Morgan was coming in from colorado for the week, and of coarse would want to go out!!! I tried to make a appointment at the DMV and they told me the earliest appointment was APRIL 7!!!! Um no thanks!

3. The DMV only accepts debit, cash, or check!

After waiting in the DMV for I don’t know how long, I find out they don’t take credit cards?? WTF! I usually always have my debit card…but the replacement hadn’t come yet and I had NO cash!!! Lucky for me Morgan ended up being able to pay for it after transferring money around….yes she didn’t have $25 in her checking account!! Don’t judge her!!

I love her!! She was my savior!


4. My iphone was stolen last night.


I kid you not….I got my wallet and phone stolen in the span of a week! What are the chances?? Let me also tell you I was NOT intoxicated when my phone was stolen!! We were at a lounge and I put it down on our table for 5 seconds and someone snatched it up! So now I need to get a new one and cry about it!


Ok I am DONE crying about all my issues and now will post some happy things!

1. I am valid for an upgrade through AT&T!

At least when I get my new phone I wont have to pay a hefty $600!!! I get the upgrade price, which is expensive, but not too bad!

2. Kombucha makes me happy!

Photo on 2011-03-23 at 12.10 #2.jpg

3. My family and friends are all happy and healthy!

That’s what’s important in life!! My silly problems are nothing! What’s important is that you have a great support system in life and appreciate the special people! I feel so blessed to live such a great life where I can be a competitive dancer, blogger, and work in retail sales!!! I have a lot on my plate, but I love it that way!!! I am also thankful for all my readers because I love you guys and I read every single comment and email I get!! It makes me so happy!!

I will leave you with a video that’s been helping me laugh out all the stress of not having a wallet nor phone!

Socca Eggstada & DWTS

Hola!!! Happy hump day my friends! I hope you are ready for a long post with lots of food!!! I had planned to actually post TWO updates yesterday…..but WordPress pooped out for HOURS!!! My first post didn’t get posted till night time, so I had to wait till this morning for a new post! So I’m going to stop blabbing and move on!

Tuesday Lunch


Spinach & Feta soft pretzel I bought at the market and a big ol salad!!


I feel so classy when I eat off a paper towel! 😉


Hearts of romaine, red bell pepper, and Nancy’s light ranch.

This lunch was perfect and delicious!!! No complaints here!!

Tuesday Snack


These cheesy nacho kale chips are to die!!! It’s bananas how good these are!! I wish I would have bought 27389273 more packs at WF….no seriously, I wish I did!! I also drank and un pictured bottle of kombucha!!

Tuesday Dinner


I decided to try out the sweet potato gnocchi!


I figured it would be better made on the stove than microwaved….WRONG. Actually I don’t know how it tastes microwaved, but it didn’t turn out amazing on the stove!


Steamed Broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato gnocchi!! I also put some Earth Balance in my veggies!! The whole bowl was tasty and filling….but not delicious! I doubt I will be buying this gnocchi again…sorry TJ’s!


Now were back at today!!! After tweeting about making socca….I knew I had to use it in my breakfast!!!

Lauren Hannah

Just bought garbanzo bean flour!!! Socca recipes???

After getting some replies, I realized I needed to head over to Pure2Raw!! Let me tell you, they are the Socca headquarters!! My mind was racing with all the awesome ideas!!

I decided upon making a Socca eggstada! I would start with a pan fried socca, top with eggs, cheese and salsa!!
1/4 cup garbanzo flour, 1/4 cup water. Salt & italian seasoning! Coated the pan with Coconut oil!



1/4 cup shredded mexican blend


Two egg whites and TJ’s Avocado Salsa Verde!! This breakfast was beyond delicious and super filling!! I can’t wait to try more socca recipes!!!!


Who watched Dancing with the Stars?!?! Being a dancer I HAD to watch it!! This is my kind of dancing!! I thought the celebrities did a great job for their first night!!! My surprise favorite of the night was:


Kirstie Alley!!! Her hip action was the most natural, and she actually used her legs and feet in a way that no other celebrity did in the Cha Cha Cha!!! I was pretty impressed!! I can’t wait to see how they do as the show progress’!!!



Did you watch DWTS?? Who was your favorite celebrity??

Have you tried Socca?? Better pan fried or baked??

Grocery Shopping Addict

Hey hey hey!!!! How’s your tuesday treating you?? Mine has been pretty good so far!!! This morning I got to do one of my favorite things in life…GROCERY SHOPPING!!! I don’t know about anyone else..but I LOVE grocery shopping!!! I find it very exciting to go up and down the isles reading nutrition labels and finding new special items!!! I will show you the loot….but lets rewind to last night!


Last night it was pretty cold in LA!! When it’s cold I always crave soup!!!


I found this spicy ramen soup recently and thought it sounded delicious!!! I added some shredded chicken for protein and devoured!! I loved the extra kick the spice gave it! YUM

Besides craving soup….I was craving something SOUR! Enter homemade lemonade!


All I did was juice a few lemons with water and add stevia!! It was perfectly sour and delicious!!

Since I am trying to lose some weight…for dessert, I went with fruit!!


How gorgeous do those strawberries look?? They were so sweet by themselves, I ate them just like that!



Breakfast this morning may be my favorite thing in life…….




In a WCW jar:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1 c. Water (was out of almond milk)
  • 1 T. Chia Goodness
  • pinch of salt

I may or may not have left a little more butter in the jar then usual……this was A-MAZ-ING!!! Seriously the best breakfast of all time. I love it with hot oats as opposed to cold because the peanut butter gets all melty!


On to the loot I got from the store. My adventure started at Whole Foods.


  • Rice Puff cereal
  • UDON soup
  • Spinach Feta soft pretzels (!!!!!!)
  • Nacho Kale Chips
  • Coconut Spray Oil
  • Mini Wontons (On sale)
  • Garbanzo bean flour (!!!!!) Recipes for socca??
  • Lots of kombucha!!!

After WF I hit up my friend Trader Joe’s!


  • Freeze dried Mango
  • Steel cut Oats
  • Avocado Salsa
  • Spicy Egg white Salad
  • Broccoli
  • Bell pepper
  • USV Almond milk
  • Tempeh
  • TJ’s Seafood blend
  • Sweet potato gnocchi
  • Sunflower seed butter (!!!!)

Wow did I get a lot of amazing things!!!!

See you for dinner!


Any good socca recipes?? Links??

Good ways to use Tempeh?? Links?

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

Weekend Recap

Hola chiquitas!!! I can’t believe it’s already monday!! This weekend flew by!!! I went to Ventura to stay at my best friends beach house!! This was why there was a lack of updates this weekend!! It would have been a more exciting weekend if it hadn’t been pouring rain!!! It was kind of crazy!!

Moving on…..

I got my first Sbizzle with the new logo!


Skinny vanilla latte! (Drank at work on saturday!)


New flavor of Vitamin water!!! LOVED IT!


Before heading to Ventura I stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a home cooked meal!! Lets just say my parents are no chefs! My Uncle on the other hand…..he’s been cooking up delicious meals for as long as I can remember!!

We started off with some delicious salad


In the mix was different lettuces from the farmers market, tomatoes, and bleu cheese crumbles!


Look at those fixings!! The bottle in the middle is Nancy’s ranch. If you have been reading, you may know this is my favorite dressing!!!

My bowl:


Topped with beats and Nancy’s ranch!! YUM!!! The lettuce was so crisp and fresh!


Chicken, brussel sprouts, brown rice. The star was the brussel sprouts!!! They were unbelievable!!


They were so tender and flavorful!!


Wanna bite??


After dinner I headed down to Ventura and we went to see a movie!


I LOVED IT!!! Such an great movie!! I suggest you go see it ASAP!!

We were being super cool and decided to bring our own snacks!! Buying popcorn at the movie is expensive!!!


It”s Jamie!!! We popped one bag and brought an empty bag to split it!! Haha we are that COOL!


Fruit snacks anyone??


Sunday involved a beautiful cup of joe.


Aren’t those place mats so cute???

I finished the weekend off with some mexican food, shopping, and driving an hour and a half in the rain, trying to get home alive!!!

Today I am heading to work and am beyond excited for the Dancing With the Stars Premier tonight!!!!!



How was your weekend??

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars??

Seen any good movies lately??