March Madness

Hey friends!! I can’t believe it’s the first day of march!!! I feel like this year is already going by SO FAST!!! I can’t believe it’s almost been three months since I started this little bloggy!!! Speaking of that, I want to thank all of you readers for the support!! I already feel like a part of such an amazing community!! You have no idea how much I treasure every one of your comments!! When I see a new comment I do my little happy dance!


Look!! My oats don’t look nearly as repulsive as the last time I posted them!!! They really do taste delicious!!

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • thinly sliced naner.

I also added some flax meal and a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful PB. I was entitled because it is National Peanut Butter Lover’s day!!

This morning my mom needed me to help her find some new dresses!! I was happy to oblige!! One of my other goals in life would be to be a stylist!! Working in retail I help style my customers, but I would love to be a personal stylist.  It’s a skill to be able to know how to find the right clothes for your body.  I would love to be able to help women feel sexy in their clothes by finding the right fit!!


If you’ve been reading my blog you may be aware at how much I LOVE wraps!!! Lunch was one of my best yet!! I melted some RF cheddar on this La Tortilla wrap.  I heated some vegetarian refried beans, chicken breast, and topped it all off with romaine and Cholula hot sauce!! This was AMAZING!  I think melted cheese makes the world a better place!! I have to say Cholula is my favorite hot sauce!! I eat it on EVERYTHING!!!

The rest of my day involved a quick run with the pup and a short shift at work!! I am now making my roasted butternut squash and Averie’s mango, ginger, maple tofu!! I didn’t have all the ingredients to make it exactly her way…but I tried my best!!

Well it’s time to check on my food in the oven and I will be back tomorrow with a post on something I want to talk to you guys about!!



Do you have any march goals?? What’s you’re favorite way to use tofu?


13 responses to “March Madness

  1. SO, I was totally gonna write a post and title it march madness… and put my march goals in it… did you read my mind? 😛 haha.

  2. I’ve only experimented with silken tofu – so desserts of course 🙂
    It was also national pancake day! So many awesome celebrations in one day!

  3. I have never “made” tofu before but I want to soon…ive been seeing so many great recipes online. Yumm I am loooving squash these days!!

  4. My favorite way to use tofu is in chocolate mousse 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried tofu! I keep seeing it on blogs but I fear the taste lol And no March goals yet, I gotta start thinking! I love cholula too, my favorite is Franks 😀

  6. you would make a rockin stylist! that would be such a fun job too!!
    i will post my goals tomorrow i think 😉

  7. That wrap looks amazingg! I love wraps, too!

  8. I LOVE dresses. They’re so EASY and FLATTERING! When I’m feeling lazy, I never go for jeans & a t shirt; always a sundress! Why not play up your femininity, right?

  9. I want to run outside more and do better on the homework front!

  10. Gotta keep up with my work in March.

    I cut tofu into small cubes and put it in a pan with olive oil on medium-high heat, then pour some Greek seasoning on top while it’s cooking still. You have to cook it until it gets brownish-yellow on that side, then flip it and do the same.

  11. I haven’t made any March goals yet but I’m working on them! Slowly. It always takes me forever to think up monthly/yearly goals.

    I pretty much like tofu any way. I’ll even eat it plain and uncooked.. so good! I’m a tofu maniac. 🙂

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