Coffee Addict

Hi my babes!!! It’s FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!!! If you couldn’t tell I’m excited for the weekend!! Are you?? Any special plans this weekend?? I am working today and tomorrow…BUT I will be dancing tonight, seeing a friend tomorrow night, then seeing my parents in a dance showcase on sunday!!! If I didn’t tell you, my parents are also ballroom dancers!! They dance more socially, while I dance competitively!! They are so cute when they dance together!!!

So I wanted to touch on my coffee addiction!! I know I have mentioned it, but I want to explain the amount of coffee that is consumed in one day!! Let’s start bright and early!!

8: 30 AM Wake up.  Immediately drink a large cup of coffee made by my dad!!

I get ready, make breakfast.  On my way out the door I have to make two more cups of coffee!!

9:30 AM

Two K-cups go into this because I like my coffee strong!!!

I go to work.  Around 3 I usually need a pick me up!! I work 8 hour days 5 days a week!!

Hello Starbucks!!!


Either a light frap or a latte!!

Sometimes I drink even more then this….but this is a usual day!!!!

Moving on….


This was AMAZING!!! A perfect 10 bagel, 1T HB, half a sliced naner!!! And this whole delicious creation only hits about 300-350 calories!! Can you say hell yes?!?! This may be my new favorite breakfast!!!


I packed a salad for lunch at work today, because I was feeling a need to chomp some romaine!!! I will also use any excuse to eat garbanzos, cheese, and Nancy’s Ranch!! Nancy’s Ranch is my FAVORITE DRESSING!! It is only 60 calories for 2T and it tastes beyond creamy and delicious!!

Sorry no dressing in the picture!! I didn’t want it to get soggy!! This had 1 cup garbanzos, and 1/4 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese!  (Told you I wasn’t going to eyeball anymore!!!)  If I eyeball the amount of cheese I may use the whole package!

I can’t wait to dig into this salad after I finish this post!!


So last night I went shopping with my mom.  I wasn’t planning on buying anything….but if the shirt fits….

I love how soft it is and that the sides are mesh!!! The brand is Vintage Havana and I bought it at Bloomingdales!! For work I wore it with a tank top, but if you want to be sexy just wear a bra under!! A little skin never hurt anyone ;)!

I really want to thank you all for your support on my weight loss goals!! I was nervous to share, but I knew you girls would be supportive and make me feel good!! So  far I’m feeling really good about it!! I have skipped my late night snack for a cup of sleepytime tea, and really tracking my portions!! I realized that when you maintain, you don’t think about all the little things you nibble.  Now that I am working to lose weight, I am OK without my extra snacks!! I feel 100% mental commitment, which makes it so much more easy.  I have also made an effort to do some type of workout besides dance these past two days!!!

Would you be interested in weekly updates on my weight loss??


Do you drink coffee or tea?? Any addictions you just can’t break?? What’s your favorite nut butter??

P.S Are you following me on twitter??? It would mean the world to me if you did!!!!!!


30 responses to “Coffee Addict

  1. wow you are a coffee drinker! i can say that i never drink coffee!! gasp! i just never got into it!! YES please keep us updated with your weightloss process!!

  2. Hello COFFEE ADDICT 😀 lol I’m one too!
    I just found your blog by the way! I bought some chocolate hazelnut butter (the same one as you!) this weekend and I’m so excited to try it out, I’ll probably also have it on a bagel Can’t wait!

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of coffee! I love the caramel light fraps at Starbucks. Have you ever tried making your own? I can see that being an interesting experiment 🙂

  4. shiningfromwithin

    I love coffee too! I’ve been drinking about 1 3/4 cup in the morning but I think because it’s Winter I crave the comforting creamy-ness and heat from the coffee. I’m truly a tea girl at heart though!
    My favorite nut butter would have to be almond butter as of right now but I’m a peanut butter lova too 🙂

  5. healthyhelper

    thanks for stopping by my blog! I don’t really like coffee, but after going to China I have definitely become a tea addict! Its so good….especially green tea! And my fave nut butter is a tie between peanut butter and sunflower seed butter! Delicious!

  6. I am most definitely a coffee junkie but I totally blame that on my bf! hehe 🙂 And pb is my all time favorite nut butter.

  7. I love the keurig! What kind of kcups do you reccommend? I really want to try some new flavors. I’ve been drinking gloria jean’s butter toffee lately.
    I’d love to hear more about your weight loss!

    I can’t believe you’d ask me to try to pick my favorite nut butter. It’s just not possible! Though, if my life depended on it, I would say peanut butter.

  8. Oh my gosh, good for you!! You are doing SO great so far! Keep up the good work!! I have been trying to eat better, little by little. I need to just jump right in like you!

  9. I used to have a mug of coffee every morning, but I gave it up because I hated being caffeine dependent. Now I just have hot lemon water and feel so much more energetic all day!

    As for nut butter, I’m an almond butter fanatic but I love sunflower seed butter now too!

  10. Aw I love me some cheese in my salads!!

    And I love parents/couples that dance together! It is sooo sweet!! Happens a ton in skating too!!

    Happy weekend, sweet lady!

  11. Hey HD!!! You are adorable!! Umm, I don’t have a coffee maker–I now, gasp! But, I keep hearing raves about a keurig–you recommend it??

    So glad you received the support you needed on your WL goals!

    • I LOVE my Keurig!! I named him Bruce and he’s one of my best friends!!! I wish I was kidding…they also have mini Keurig’s which are great if it’s only for you!!

  12. I haven’t drunk proper coffee for a while now and when I do it makes me go all gittery! I think I probably have the normal chocolate addiction!
    Favourite nut butter? I’m still trying them all, but so far I’m liking hazelnut and peanut of course!

  13. Ahhh I’m home for spring break now! and there is NOT A SINGLE STARBUCKS up at my school aka obvs going to hit that up today…

    however I had 4 cups of coffee yesterday (I don’t know why), I could not sleep lets say.

    OH and also that coffee maker- my grandma is legit obsessed with, the second you walk into her house she asks if you want a cup hahaha

  14. Wow you are quite the coffee drinker! I like both coffee and tea, though I tend to drink tea on weekdays and coffee on the weekend for no particular reason.

    How neat that you’re competitive ballroom dancer! I don’t dance myself, but my sister’s a ballerina, so my family is pretty into dancing. I’m amazed how much effort and dedication it takes!

  15. I would love to see updates! How exciting.


  16. Great job so far, and I’d definitely be interested in hearing updates!

  17. I really wish i liked coffee!! i would probably have some more pep in my step some mornings if i did!!
    i love peanut butter – and every type of it!!
    looove the top.
    I would love to hear about your weightloss updates!

  18. Oh, what a cute shirt!! I love it!! And that salad looks great, I love adding garbanzo beans to my salads for extra protein!

    I’m so with you on the coffee addiction, I love it! I have actually been trying to make myself cut back here lately. I would love to have a keurig!! They look like so much fun!

  19. Oh, and yes to the weight loss updates!

  20. Yes! Post updates on your weight loss, girl! I’m such a coffee addict too! I’m a total grouch without it!

  21. I wish that I liked coffee, because the smell is heavenly. But it’s a taste that I’ve never been able to acquire!

    I’m absolutely fascinated by the fact that you’re a competitive dancer. That’s all kinds of cool.

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