Wicked Sushi

Hola!!! Guess what?? It’s almost the weekend!!!!! Who’s excited??? I AM!!! This weekend is going to be fantasmical!!!

Is it just me, or is sushi addicting??? I hadn’t eaten sushi in a long time, then I had to have it two days in a row!! My stomach was begging me for more sushi, and of coarse I obliged!! We went to Sushi Itchiban in Tarzana!!

Lunch looked like this:


Miso Soup (Best I’ve ever had!)


Yellowtail Sashimi. Does that not look AMAZING!!! They have the best fish here!! Seriously, it was like butta!!


Spicy tuna Roll!!

This lunch special came with all three things for $16.00!! Is that not amazing??? Sushi is EXPENSIVE!! This lunch was perfect, satisfying, and didn’t break the bank!! I was a happy camper!!

So yesterday I went shopping with the madre and I got TOMS!!! I have been wanting these shoes forever!!


Black Glitter Tom’s!! Do you love them??? I know I do!! I put them on right after buying them, and haven’t taken them off since. HEHE. If you need to know one thing about me….I LOVE GLITTER!! It’s sick how happy glitter and sequins makes me!!

In LA it is HOT!!! So today I was craving ice coffee!!!IMG_0523.JPG

This seriously hit the spot!! Creme Caramel iced coffee, how I love thee.

So tonight I get to see the best musical!!!


My friend Shay got tickets and I got lucky enough to be invited!! I saw it once in New York about five years ago..so it’ll be amazing to see it again??? Have you seen it??

Well I have to go get ready, so I’ll leave you with some dance shots I found on my computer!!





Have you seen Wicked?? What’s your favorite musical?? What’s the best thing you ate today??


13 responses to “Wicked Sushi

  1. Love those dancing pictures, rock it girl 🙂 And I LOVE sushi. Sad how I never had it till about a year ago! I missed out on so much goodness haha

  2. I have never seen wicked but I really want to!! Lucky girl! Which theater is it at?! I want to try to get tix! The Toms are soo cute! The best thing I ate today was my oats topped with my first jar of dark chocolate dreams (totes thought of you when I bought it!) xoxo!

  3. I saw wicked and it scared me!

  4. i loved wicked!! i saw it 3 times over here!!! i LOVE sushi!!!!!!! hmm best thin was my oat breakfast! byt my luscious bowl right now is pretty good too!

  5. I absolutely LOVED Wicked!!! Have you seen Spring Awakening??o my goooddd soooo gooodd

  6. YES, sushi is absolutely addicting. And no, I haven’t seen Wicked, but I’ve heard good things. I have tickets to Les Miserables next weekend, and I am also super excited!

  7. What a deal on that sushi! Sushi is so addicting. My fav are tuna rolls with spicy sauces on top.

  8. LOVE wicked!!!! It rocks!!! Have a blast girl!!
    I love all thinks with glitter and sparkles too! lol! I bought cute pink sparkle flats today at Bakers!!!

    Yay sushi! I swear if we hung out we would have a freaking blast!

    xoxo ❤

  9. Rent is my favourite show. I haven’t seen Wicked yet…really, really want to!

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