No one Mourns the Wicked


Last night I saw WICKED!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!! This is such an amazing show!! If you haven’t seen it yet, what’s wrong with you????


Isn’t this a gorgeous theatre?!?!

This convo happened last night:

Lauren: Everything is prettier in Orange County!

Shay: Even the freeway’s are prettier here!

Lauren: Do I look prettier in the OC?

Shay: *Laughs at the craziness*


Me and Shay!!


Such a fun night!!! I thought the cast was awesome!!!


Guess what arrived at my work today!!


I don’t know if you know..but I have been on a mad hunt for the cookie dough Larabars!!! I can’t find them anywhere!! Being the crazy person I am, I ordered a box online!!! I couldn’t just buy one box, I had to also buy my favorite Peanut Butter chocolate chip!!! I felt like a kid on christmas morning when these babies arrived.

If you you thought I didn’t instantly devour one….you would be wrong!


NOM!!!!! Loved this flavor!! I think this is my new favorite flavor!!


Lunch looked like this….but all wrapped up!! This had reduced fat cheddar, chicken breast, lettuce, and lots of hot sauce!! My hot sauce lover is Cholula!!

Being the snackilicious girl I am…I also munched these!


Loving the wasabi flavor!!! It’s hot, but I love it!!! I love all things spicy!!!


On the workout front, things have been great!!!

I’ve been powering two mile runs like it’s no ones business!!! If you didn’t know…I’m not a runner. So these short fast runs are really working for me!!!

I also had an awesome dance lesson yesterday and am planning to compete the last weekend in April!!! I can’t wait!! I love competing so much, and I love training!!!

Have a great weekend!!



What are your weekend plans?? Do you like spicy food??


14 responses to “No one Mourns the Wicked

  1. I love spicy foods but sometimes it becomes more than my stomach can handle lol I gotta take it easy on the sriracha. Glad you enjoyed Wicked!

  2. I heard Wicked was such an awesome musical! I so want to go! 🙂

    This weekend, my husband and I are celebrating his 25th bday!

  3. I saw a play there in January! It’s SO nice there 🙂

  4. I thought Wicked was so so good too!! Glad you liked it! No spicy food for me haha! I can’t handle it!

  5. yay for your runs and wicked! AND LARABARS!! aHH SO LUCKY! and i LOVE OC.. my g-rents live there!

  6. I love Wicked – the staging is so cool (I saw it in London, but I guess the staging is the same everywhere)
    I love spicy food – chilli powder makes it into nearly every meal 🙂

  7. Ah, I want to see Wicked!! I’ve heard so many great things about it!

  8. I’ve heard so many awesome things about Wicked – I’m dying to see it!

  9. Wicked sounds very scary. But those Larabars look really yummy.

  10. Omg i so wanna see wicked! and all those larabars…such a lucky girl! I am goin down to laguna beach today. Have a great sunday!!xoxo

  11. Congrats on all your recent successes! Wicked is such an amazing musical; “For Good” brings tears to my eyes every time. You know what also does? Spicy food, haha! I can’t handle it.

  12. I don’t love spicy food but I don’t dislike it either. The main problem is that I can’t handle it very well. Like, I’ll think something is really spicy and no one else will! I guess my tastebuds are just super sensitive. 😛

    There’s definitely something wrong with me because I haven’t seen Wicked. In fact, I haven’t seen ANY musical. Don’t worry, my musical friend plans to take me to a few once I visit Australia. I’m really looking forward to it!

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