Weekend off

Hello lovebugs!!! If you didn’t notice…I took the weekend off blogging! I usually like to post everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way! I have to say, it was nice to not be consumed with technology for a few days!! How was your weekend?? Mine was pretty fab!!

Friday night we had a dance party at our studio! It was St. Patricks theme, so of coarse I wore green!


This is me and my friend Lauren! (Yes we have the same name!!) Everyone calls us the twins because we are always together at dance!! These parties are so much fun!! We danced from eight thirty to midnight!!!

Saturday involved working, then spending the night with my BFF Jamie!!! It’s always nice to have girl time, and it was much needed!!!


Moving on to some eats……Saturday at work, this happened:


Chipotle!!! I have not eaten Chipotle in over six months!!! There is one walking distance from our Beverly Hills store, and we had gotten sick of it! (I know, hard to believe) I was working with my mom and we were both craving it….so we had to have it!! The best thing about it is that it was lunch AND dinner!!! Those bowls and HUGE!!!!


Breakfast of champions…..Perfect 10 bagel with AB, banana, and cinnamon!!


Baked tofu and butternut squash!!


Broccoli Fries!!! These are fab!!IMG_0407.jpg

I am a fan!!


Mini Wontons!!!


I am currently watching re runs of One Tree Hill!!!! (I’m obsessed) Then I will soon be heading out to see a movie with a friend!! I love having monday’s off work!!!


What are you doing for St. Patricks day??

What’s your workout today??

My workout is just a walk/run with the puppy!! Nothing too serious!!


15 responses to “Weekend off

  1. looks like a fun party, and weekends off are always good:)

  2. Hey, just found your blog, it’s awesome πŸ™‚

    For St Patrick’s day, my friend and I are going clubbing downtown which should be interesting.

    I did a mat arms workout this morning, and will probably continue the 30 day shred tonight!!


  3. u look so beautiful!! u and your friend both!! love the dresses!!!!!

    oh chipotle!! my lovers favorite!!!!!!

    I need those broc fries!!!!!!! yummy!!

    have a great day girl! xoxo ❀

  4. I love those broccoli fries. I originally started getting them for my kids to eat every now and then, but then I started eating them too? Have you had Dr.Prager’s broccoli potato bites they are good too and they also make spinach ones. you have to get past the fact that they are shaped like dinosaurs and stars though.

  5. Chipotle salads are ridic good! Oh and I just had a bagel with pb and banana…delish! Im heading to the gym to do some intervals on the treadmill in a bit! xoxo

  6. i need a weekend off too i think!! must feel good!1 ahh chipotle ROCKS!! todays workout was a little over 40 minute run outside.. FELT SO GOOD!

  7. Mini wontons…drool! I ran a 7 miler with my pup and she is currently PASSED OUT! πŸ™‚

  8. I love Chipotle! That and Boloco.

    Since my birthday is the day after St. Patricks day, it’s usually a multi-day celebration. And I run a 5k the weekend of. And I have this weekend off! Party! πŸ˜›

  9. I LOVE Chipotle! I can never split it up into two meals though. I always devour the whole thing πŸ™‚

    I ran 4 miles this afternoon and may do some weights later- that’s my workout for today!

  10. Mini wontons sound so good! Sometimes it’s definitely nice to have a break from technology! πŸ™‚

  11. You and your friend actually do look like twins! So funny.
    I’ve never seen broccoli fries before, but they sound and look good! I think I’d be a fan.
    I think my workout today is going to be repeat 1000m intervals. It’s going to be hard!

  12. My workout is the same as yours! =) No time to actually work out, too much studying to do. It’s really funny I actually just posted about making imitation chipotle bowls a week ago. And I still have yet to get sick of Chipotle.
    Those bagels look so delish.

  13. Chipotle! It’s been a minute since I’ve been there. For St. Patty’s I’m going out with some co-workers, maybe have a green beer, should be fun!

  14. Broccoli fries? Yum! I’ve never seen those, but I would definitely buy them if I did! πŸ™‚

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