Weekend Recap

Hola chiquitas!!! I can’t believe it’s already monday!! This weekend flew by!!! I went to Ventura to stay at my best friends beach house!! This was why there was a lack of updates this weekend!! It would have been a more exciting weekend if it hadn’t been pouring rain!!! It was kind of crazy!!

Moving on…..

I got my first Sbizzle with the new logo!


Skinny vanilla latte! (Drank at work on saturday!)


New flavor of Vitamin water!!! LOVED IT!


Before heading to Ventura I stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a home cooked meal!! Lets just say my parents are no chefs! My Uncle on the other hand…..he’s been cooking up delicious meals for as long as I can remember!!

We started off with some delicious salad


In the mix was different lettuces from the farmers market, tomatoes, and bleu cheese crumbles!


Look at those fixings!! The bottle in the middle is Nancy’s ranch. If you have been reading, you may know this is my favorite dressing!!!

My bowl:


Topped with beats and Nancy’s ranch!! YUM!!! The lettuce was so crisp and fresh!


Chicken, brussel sprouts, brown rice. The star was the brussel sprouts!!! They were unbelievable!!


They were so tender and flavorful!!


Wanna bite??


After dinner I headed down to Ventura and we went to see a movie!


I LOVED IT!!! Such an great movie!! I suggest you go see it ASAP!!

We were being super cool and decided to bring our own snacks!! Buying popcorn at the movie is expensive!!!


It”s Jamie!!! We popped one bag and brought an empty bag to split it!! Haha we are that COOL!


Fruit snacks anyone??


Sunday involved a beautiful cup of joe.


Aren’t those place mats so cute???

I finished the weekend off with some mexican food, shopping, and driving an hour and a half in the rain, trying to get home alive!!!

Today I am heading to work and am beyond excited for the Dancing With the Stars Premier tonight!!!!!



How was your weekend??

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars??

Seen any good movies lately??


16 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. I’m going to see the lincoln lawyer tonight- thanks for the review!

  2. I hadn’t seen the new starbucks logo! I like it!

  3. what a fun weekend!! omg i love your popcorn snacks- i always bring my own snacks- SO SO EXPENSIVE!

  4. I haven’t seen any movies in the longest!! Grr 😦 What a great weekend, love your meals as always

  5. Fruit snacks are so so good! I was totally wondering if you watched Dancing with the Stars!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show since you’re a dancer too!

  6. I always take my own snacks!! my weekend was good..soo busy! I want to watch dancing with the stars this season because i am a fan of kendra, lol.

  7. Your uncle sounds like such a fantastic cook! What an awesome home-cooked meal!

    Love Matthew Mcconaughey…I really must see that movie ASAP. And that’s awesome how you bring your own snacks. I’ve done that a few times myself. 🙂

  8. I love brining my own snacks to the movies The best thing I ever ate in the movies was Panera! I watched some of DWTS and decided I may watch it this season…I’ve never been a strict follower but I really like it!

  9. Yay for a skinny vanilla latte! I get that a lot too!!

    I am glad to hear that movie is good! I was wondering if it was ; ) now whats it about?!

    I missed DWTS last night!!!!!!!!! I have to watch next week!!! xoxo ❤

  10. I always take my own snacks too! I save money and it’s healthier! 🙂

  11. Haha, I always bring my own food to movies too! Not just snacks- like full meals 🙂

  12. your dinner looks delish! I cant wait to see that movie ❤ matthew!

  13. Post your uncles recipe for brussel sprouts! I’ve been wanting to try to make some 🙂

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