Grocery Shopping Addict

Hey hey hey!!!! How’s your tuesday treating you?? Mine has been pretty good so far!!! This morning I got to do one of my favorite things in life…GROCERY SHOPPING!!! I don’t know about anyone else..but I LOVE grocery shopping!!! I find it very exciting to go up and down the isles reading nutrition labels and finding new special items!!! I will show you the loot….but lets rewind to last night!


Last night it was pretty cold in LA!! When it’s cold I always crave soup!!!


I found this spicy ramen soup recently and thought it sounded delicious!!! I added some shredded chicken for protein and devoured!! I loved the extra kick the spice gave it! YUM

Besides craving soup….I was craving something SOUR! Enter homemade lemonade!


All I did was juice a few lemons with water and add stevia!! It was perfectly sour and delicious!!

Since I am trying to lose some weight…for dessert, I went with fruit!!


How gorgeous do those strawberries look?? They were so sweet by themselves, I ate them just like that!



Breakfast this morning may be my favorite thing in life…….




In a WCW jar:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1 c. Water (was out of almond milk)
  • 1 T. Chia Goodness
  • pinch of salt

I may or may not have left a little more butter in the jar then usual……this was A-MAZ-ING!!! Seriously the best breakfast of all time. I love it with hot oats as opposed to cold because the peanut butter gets all melty!


On to the loot I got from the store. My adventure started at Whole Foods.


  • Rice Puff cereal
  • UDON soup
  • Spinach Feta soft pretzels (!!!!!!)
  • Nacho Kale Chips
  • Coconut Spray Oil
  • Mini Wontons (On sale)
  • Garbanzo bean flour (!!!!!) Recipes for socca??
  • Lots of kombucha!!!

After WF I hit up my friend Trader Joe’s!


  • Freeze dried Mango
  • Steel cut Oats
  • Avocado Salsa
  • Spicy Egg white Salad
  • Broccoli
  • Bell pepper
  • USV Almond milk
  • Tempeh
  • TJ’s Seafood blend
  • Sweet potato gnocchi
  • Sunflower seed butter (!!!!)

Wow did I get a lot of amazing things!!!!

See you for dinner!


Any good socca recipes?? Links??

Good ways to use Tempeh?? Links?

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?


10 responses to “Grocery Shopping Addict

  1. Sunflower seed butter is the best!! You got some goods! Oh and your OIAJ looks to die for. Why has it been so chilly in LA?!I heard its supposed to rain again tomorrow/thursday. boo!!

  2. I love grocery shopping! That is probably my one weakness when it comes to money. I love browsing Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I can’t be trusted to go to those places without my husband though. I have a tendency to spend way too much money.

  3. Love the loot here!!!!!!!! I hope you checked out pure2raw, they have great socca recipes! I know you said you were going to!!

    The stuffed pretzels sound amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  4. AHH LOVE your HAUL!! so jealous of your WCW oiaj!!!!! pure2raw makes great socca!

  5. I love grocery shopping, I could spend hours checking out the shelves. I also recently got those Annie Chun wontons, pretty good!

  6. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    Ahhh what a great grocery trip! I wish I had a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes….I would be in shopping heaven! Ha but I’d probably have no money from buying so much amazing food!

  7. I usually get my groceries delivered because I don’t have time to get to the supermarket every week, but I enjoy it when I get there. I love mooching around health food shops though!

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