Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey there!! I’m blogging from work, where I’m sick as a dog! I haven’t been able to eat anything yet and I feel horrible!! Let me just tell you…these past two weeks have NOT been the best weeks ever! I don’t want to sit here and bitch and moan about my problems…but these are worth venting. And hey, it’s my blog…I can do what I want!! (hehe!)

Ok lets explain these series of unfortunate events that have been encompassing my life!

1. I lost my wallet on St. Patricks day.


I am not sure if I lost it..or it was stolen. Lets say that those holiday drinks can get the best of you!!!! I think I left it in a cab and the next person who got in took it!!! I didn’t have much cash so that was no biggie..BUT I LOVED that wallet!! I also lost my license and debit card, which will lead to even more unfortunate events!

2. The only form of photo ID I have is an EXPIRED passport!


I turned 21 about 6 months ago….so it’s safe to say I ALWAYS get carded. To make matters worse…my friend Morgan was coming in from colorado for the week, and of coarse would want to go out!!! I tried to make a appointment at the DMV and they told me the earliest appointment was APRIL 7!!!! Um no thanks!

3. The DMV only accepts debit, cash, or check!

After waiting in the DMV for I don’t know how long, I find out they don’t take credit cards?? WTF! I usually always have my debit card…but the replacement hadn’t come yet and I had NO cash!!! Lucky for me Morgan ended up being able to pay for it after transferring money around….yes she didn’t have $25 in her checking account!! Don’t judge her!!

I love her!! She was my savior!


4. My iphone was stolen last night.


I kid you not….I got my wallet and phone stolen in the span of a week! What are the chances?? Let me also tell you I was NOT intoxicated when my phone was stolen!! We were at a lounge and I put it down on our table for 5 seconds and someone snatched it up! So now I need to get a new one and cry about it!


Ok I am DONE crying about all my issues and now will post some happy things!

1. I am valid for an upgrade through AT&T!

At least when I get my new phone I wont have to pay a hefty $600!!! I get the upgrade price, which is expensive, but not too bad!

2. Kombucha makes me happy!

Photo on 2011-03-23 at 12.10 #2.jpg

3. My family and friends are all happy and healthy!

That’s what’s important in life!! My silly problems are nothing! What’s important is that you have a great support system in life and appreciate the special people! I feel so blessed to live such a great life where I can be a competitive dancer, blogger, and work in retail sales!!! I have a lot on my plate, but I love it that way!!! I am also thankful for all my readers because I love you guys and I read every single comment and email I get!! It makes me so happy!!

I will leave you with a video that’s been helping me laugh out all the stress of not having a wallet nor phone!


16 responses to “Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. I like how you turned the bad into a positive perspective! Dealing with stolen wallet and iphone sounds awful. But you’re also right about what is really important. Thanks so much for the reminder 🙂

  2. That’s some bad luck! Yay for looking on the bright side, though. I hope you get your wallet situation taken care of. I lose my wallet about once a day, but never permanently, thank goodness!

  3. ahah I LOVE THAT VIDEO!! GIRL i have ben having a series of unfortunate events TOO! we stick togettha!

  4. Omg girl, I hope things get better for you!! Ill watch that video later when Im not at starbs. Have a great friday! xoxo

  5. Email me!!!!! Right meow!

  6. Yikes! What a frustrating week! I’m impressed that you’re keeping such a positive attitude.

  7. oh you poor thing. You do need a glass of wine. Maybe your passport will work? hehe. But in the meantime, drink up with that Kombucha…..LOVE!

  8. ACK! Wallet and iPhone stolen?! Ouch. :/ But, at least you have the high points like you mentioned- especially health and happiness. Everything else is easily replaced. 🙂

  9. oh my! i’m sorry to hear about your series of unfortunate events!! ugh, having something get stolen is the worst feeling ever; hope it never happens to you again!!

  10. omg, how unlucky is that!!! You need to stay away from dangerous situations for awhile, k?!

  11. I love that girl!

    I’m sorry about all your icky events. I hope it gets better soon, we have all had those week (ask the person whose car I bumped into and had to replace the entire back bumper when I was legitly going 5 miles an hour…) Another story. ha.

  12. haha i posted that video a couple of weeks ago! I LOVE HER!!
    next iphone you need to get the app thats “wheres my phone” – you can track it from your computer to see where it is!
    hope things are looking up today 🙂

  13. F-ing hilarious video!!!

  14. Oh no, I’m so sorry all of this happened to you!! That’s horrible. Feel better soon, and keep your head up! 🙂

  15. Oh no those are unfortunate. Sorry everything happened at once!

  16. Glad you found the good in this..but dang girl, cant belive all that was stolen. that’s horrible. I would’ve have been so stressed.

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