She runs LA & Pressed Juicery

Hello Lovahs! Happy Monday!!  How was your weekend?? It was fun to know that most of you like eat breakfast for dinner, but no one ever has dinner for breakfast  like me!  Sometimes you gotta switch things up!

Moving on….

This weekend was fantasmical! (I can make up words if I want to!) Friday was a night full of dancing with my awesome dance friends! And Sat, I worked then went out on the town with my cousin Sara!

Us on Thanksgiving!

We grew up like sisters and I still consider her to be like my sister!  We did some fun barhopping, but no fun pictures to share..because I was too busy partying!!! Since I tried to give up cocktails a few weeks back, I have been pretty good….but this night I had a little too much fun!! Many vodka soda’s later, I was kicking myself for it the next day!

I do have some news though!! After tweeting back and forth with my bloggy friend Maryann, I found out about She Runs LA, a Nike event by where I live!!

From their website:


She Runs LA isn’t your average 10K — you’ll have 24 hours to complete a 10K on your turf and your terms. The reward? The ultimate girls’ night out at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE, hosted by KIIS FM’s Boy Toy Jesse Lozano and Karli from the Block, featuring:– Live music performance by MIKE POSNER
– America’s Best Dance Crew winners WE ARE HEROES
– Nike athlete appearances, including GOLD MEDALIST Dawn Harper
– 3 floors of pampering and fun, with experiences by BLISS DAY SPA, PAUL MITCHELL, POP CHIPS, LUNA BAR and POWERADE ZERO.”
I’m officially signed up for free!! Thanks to Two Boos who Eat!!  I’m beyond excited to do my 10k, party, and meet some fellow bloggies in the LA area!!
Are any of you going to this event?? If so, we must meet up!!!
On to some weekend eats!!

Yes, I ate off a paper towel....

Boca chicken nuggets with ketchup!! Sometimes one craves comfort food…enter these fake nuggets.  Not the most nutritional, but beyond tasty!!

Salmon bowl!


Froyo has been missing from my life for WAY to long!!! I had to fulfill the craving! Hey, it was the weekend!! In the mix was mint yogurt, heath bar, oreo bits, and granola! It was amazing!! I’m obsessed with mint yogurt!
So for the past week I feel like I’ve been battling some kind of cold that keeps coming and going.  Not sure what to do about it, I have decided to just buy a ton of juice and hope it heals me!! I have heard so many great things about Pressed Juicery so I decided to buy a package from them!  That great thing is you can get 12, 32, 64 juices etc, and they are delivered straight to your door! I went with the 12 package since I had never tried their juices before! You can have them delivered when you want, how you want! I decided to get 5 delivered to start.  They will be arriving tomorrow and I’m so excited to try them!!
If you were curious…a lot of celebrities have been seen enjoying these juices:
Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie again

Reese Witherspoon

Well I will let you know how the juices go!! I will do a review of each kind I got!!
What did you do this weekend??
Are you taking part in any races coming up??
Thoughts on fresh juice for colds??
P.S Dance competition in less than two weeks!!!


11 responses to “She runs LA & Pressed Juicery

  1. mmm those juices do look delish! I had a pretty relaxing weekend, did some running and window shopping on the mag mile.

    Today I actually signed up for a half marathon that is less than two weeks away! I’m so impatient 😛

  2. chicken nuggs are my FAVORITE!!!! SQUEAL!!!

  3. def let us know how the juices taste!!!
    i want to sign up for a half marathon SOON!

  4. Maryann (The Balanced Bean)

    Yay Im so excited! I wish it was this week and not next though 🙂 That froyo looks amazing, I want some!

  5. You and your cousin are so pretty!! And now I’m craving chicken nuggets.. haha

  6. Hi girl, that’s so awesome that Sara p. is your cousin!
    PS. I’m from LA too 🙂

  7. those juices sound great!!!! WAIT… why does your cousin look like someone one iv seen on tv?!??!! is she an actress?!

  8. Those juices look interesting! Can’t wait to hear your review on them!!!

    U and your cousin are beautiful! I bet you break hearts when you go out ; )

    Love froyo!!!! I seriously need to come visit you! would be a blast!!

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