Meatless meatballs and Hummus

Hello lovers!!! How’s your tuesday treating you?? I was excited to hear all the races you are signed up to do! SO FUN! My day has been pretty uneventful thus far, what can you do?? Lets move on to some eats!!

Last nights Dinner

Last night I did something interesting for dinner. Sometimes I get lazy when it comes to making dinner after work, and go towards the frozen route. For me, frozen meals are NOT filling! I like to try and “beef up” my frozen meals. This is exactly what I did last night! I took a Smart One’s baked pasta dish and ate it over a huge bowl of sauteed spinach!!


If you didn’t know by now, I’m OBSESSED with spinach!! Nothing better than throwing it in a pan with a little olive oil and seasoning, and being very happy! This made my frozen meal SO FILLING!!

Close up?


Look at tha cheesey spinachy goodness! Lazy girls dinner to the max!


I finally went to the grocery store after what feels like forever!! I needed so many things!! I was happy to get my hands on my favorite bagels! Remember the perfect 10 bagels I told you about??


So unfortunately after buying everything at the market…I forgot bananas!! So this bagel ended up just being topped with WCW and Chia seeds!! I missed my WCW!


You might be noticing a really classy trend here on Hungry Dancer….eating off paper towels! Sometimes it’s just how I do it! Best combo EVER!


Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs and hummus. This was heaven! I highly suggest you all try it ASAP!

I also can’t get enough of seaweed snacks!!!

These are so addicting!!! Seriously part, bought in bulk at Costco!

I was also excited because my juices arrived!!!



My little collection to try.

I had to try one right away, obvs.
AH-MAZ-ING. No really, it’s that good!!


Can’t go wrong with extra ginger. I can’t wait to try out all the other kinds I got!

I’m planning to conquer a dredmill sesh when i get home from work. Wish me luck!!

What workout did you do today??

Do you workout before work or after??


10 responses to “Meatless meatballs and Hummus

  1. I love how you spruce up your mac and cheese with spinach, it looks delicious. And what a yummy breakfast. I’ve never seen perfect 10 bagels here but I have bought Alternative bagels which are pretty low calories and fluffy.

    Today I just did cardio but tomorrow is a weight training day! 😀

  2. Love the bagel, pb and chia seed combo! See, ya didn’t even need the banana! 🙂 I eat off of paper towels all the time too haha!

  3. I normally work out before school or work otherwise it will be on my mind all day and I won’t get anything accomplished. Plus i go to bed grandma style anyways so I get enough sleep to wake up early.

  4. Sara (your cousin)

    i would just like to point out i was there with u while you ate your bagel, it did look delicious. question? what else should we put on the bagels?
    point two we are finally juicing and pressed juicery looks amazing

    point three THOSE SEAWEED THINGS ARE AMAZING i cant stop pounding my face with them!
    right now you are conquering the treadmill and I wait for you to come home and make something delicious. i conquered the elliptical. and spinach pasta thing looks amazing.
    your cousin upstairs,

  5. Just running around with my rugby team today. I have a final paper due tomorrow; no time for anything else!

  6. Maryann (The Balanced Bean)

    OMg meatless meatballs and hummus combo are my FAVE! We have so much in common 😉 I usually only workout before school or work if I am going to be busy for the rest of the day!

  7. I’m about to go run 3 miles, last night I did Jillian Michael’s meltdown yoga, I’ve decided I much prefer to workout in the am, I feel more productive!

  8. i like to workout after work because if i workout in the morning i am starving all day!!

    i LOVE TJs meatless meatballs

    WCW is the most amazing PB ever

  9. Your food looks delish I love seaweed snacks and have been eating them nonstop lately. I am jealous of your juices cant wait to hear reviews!

  10. apple lemon extra-ginger?! sign me up! 😉 that sounds soooo good.

    I’ve heard such good things about tj’s meatless meatballs… I DEFINITELY need to give them a try one of these days 🙂 with hummus sounds evenb etter. but what isn’t better with hummus 😉

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