Veggie Corn Dogs

Hey there!! How was your thursday??? Mine was actually pretty productive. I love days when you feel like you get everything done you needed to do. I have still not been able to transition into morning workouts, but loved hearing your motivation tips in the comment section! I am doing a morning workout tomorrow and hoping it will become a habit! πŸ™‚


I went down to the fitness center in our complex for some cardio!! I got on the elliptical for a 25 min ultra fat blast program on the machine. When I am feeling lazy I like to just use some of the workouts on the machine and up the level. Let me tell you, I was shweaty! I followed it with a quick weight circuit and a cool down mile on the treadmill. Let me tell you, I did NOT feel like working out but after I was done I felt amazing!!



Perfect 10 bagel with White Chocolate Wonderful and chia seeds. This may look familiar ;-).


Sometimes when I’m rushing to work I go with the frozen food….


This was a healthy choice meal and it was actually really tasty!! I enjoyed it!

I helped the time go by at work by reading a few magazines..

IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0765.jpg

I am a magazine addict among other things.

I also snacked on a JUICE!


and some seaweed snacks!


These are AMAZING! Best seaweed snacks I’ve had yet.


Green tea flavor, who would have thought??


After my sheaty gym session, I was starving for dinner!! I decided to cook up some veggie corn dogs and roasted veggies for me and the cousin!


Pre bake!


This was my plate! It was delicious!! These are the best fake corn dogs EVER!


I know these are fake food….but they are worth it! SO GOOD!


I’m currently sipping my nightly tea. My cousin and I have a nightly ritual of drinking tea before bed. We do it EVERY night.


Our fun tea mugs! Instead of tshirt time (a la Jersey Shore) We have TEA time!!



Do you have any nightly rituals??

Do you ever use the workout programs on the cardio machines??

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10 responses to “Veggie Corn Dogs

  1. i actually never use the workout prograsm!! actually on ellipticals i do! but on treadmills i do mah own thang!.. ahh yaay ill go like you on facebook!

  2. I just tried White Chocolate Wonderful for the first time and I’m hooked! Your fake corn dogs look so tasty! I haven’t had corn dogs in years!

  3. Corn dogs used to be one of my favourite things. I probably at them almost every week… the NON vegan ones. I haven’t had one now in YEARS but I’m actually craving now haha. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a sub like that.

    I miss celeb gossip mags, it’s been a long time since I’ve read those too. I’m so behiiiiiind.

  4. I am such a magazine addict too. I have so many stacks around the house I feel bad throwing them away so I try to give them to friends or my mom lol

  5. I love your eats! Those seaweed crisps look so funky and delicious, I’d love to try them.

    Hmmm…nightly ritual…I always read in bed before shutting off my light and going to sleep. I read pretty much all day long for work and school, but at night I read something that I want to read and that I can get lost in. It helps me relax!

  6. OMG I love corn dogs! haaha! I haven’t had one in years!

    I’ve been working out in the morning (5:30am) since early fall and I really do like it. Even though it can be hard to get up so early here are a few tips.

    Make sure you get in bed early enough to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

    Have all your workout clothes laid out the night before.

    When the alarm goes off, tell yourself just how good you’re going to feel once your work-out is done!

    Best of luck hun! πŸ™‚

  7. My night ritual is having a bowl of cottage cheese, yogurt, cocoa almonds, and pb πŸ˜€ I’ve never been one to eat corn dogs but those actually look really really tasty πŸ˜€

  8. I’ve never ever had corn dogs…but they look tasty for being frozen!!

    I had a bagel with pb and chia seeds this morning too πŸ™‚

    I’m such a magazine addict… I hoard them.

  9. Whatever that frozen dinner is, it looks delicious! And that RARELY happens w/frozen foods! ha.

    Hmm, nightly rituals… I honestly don’t think I have one at all! Which is crazy, because until university, I’ve always had them! Usually, it was reading. I really should get back into that though πŸ™‚

  10. I hated corn dogs as a child! my mom would buy those all the time, and I hated the smell, it would make me gag! lol!

    I am sure these ones are not as bad, but I am scarred, lol!

    Happy Easter love!!! xoxo ❀

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