Prepping for Competition

Hello friends!! How’s your thursday going?? I am sorry for being MIA yesterday, between work and competition prep, I never made it to the computer!! The horror, I know! I am thrilled that you all loved my new competition dress!!! I am obsessed with it, and it mean the world that you loved it too!

Today I wanted to talk about competition prep. I know a lot of you have watched Dancing with the Stars and see all the crazy outfits, hair, and makeup. Well as much as a competition is very different than DWTS, when it comes to appearance it’s pretty much the same! So let’s get to it! The week of the competition is crucial and looks a little like this:

  1. First thing I have to do is get my eyebrows done. This is serious business, you’re hair is slicked back and your face better be perfect!! Not to mention stray eye brow hair drives me INSANE!
  2. I throw in a couple extra dance lessons. You really need to be ready to get on the dance floor and practicing your routines over and over again is a way to get there.   
  3. SPRAY TAN! Remember when I went spray tanning for my last competition?? This will actually be happening today. It’s the best when you finish and see yourself in the mirror and don’t know who you are. HAHA
  4. The day before (tomorrow) I will be getting my nails and toes done and then taking my final dance lesson!! This is crunch time baby!

This is all just preparation for the big day!! I can’t believe I’m competing on saturday!! TWO DAYS AWAY! If you want to know more about the competition I’m doing you can check it out here!


Remember when I got that awesome package from Chobani?? Well when I moved in with my cousin Sara, I found out she was eating Fage greek yogurt. I told her she had to try Chobani, so she did and she’s hooked!! I told her that Lemon is the best flavor but we still haven’t been able to find it!

Moving on to some eats…..


Taco bowl!! This baby had carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, meatless meatballs, brown rice, black beans, and salsa!! It was amazing.


Tuna Sashimi! YUM


Salad monster: Beets, garbanzo beans, and gorgonzola!


Look how big my salad monsters are!!


This morning was a smoothie and coffee!! Look at my new travel coffee mug!!

If you are looking at the travel mug for my smoothie…..look no further!


I bought the Hamilton Single Serve blender from Target yesterday!! It’s not amazing but I like that you can just make you’re smoothie and go! Less clean up time!!

That’s all for now!



Have you ever tried the single serve blenders??

Are you a competitive person??


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18 responses to “Prepping for Competition

  1. I’ve never tried single serve blenders – Mine has been giving me a lot of trouble but I kind of want to save up for the vitamix!!!!

    GOOD LUCK on your competition if you don’t post before then 🙂

  2. I have tried single serve blenders and LOVEd it! Good luck. Love salad beasts too 🙂

  3. Maryann (The Balanced Bean)

    Yay good luck on your competition girl!! xoxo

  4. Good Luck! Can’t wait to hear how wonderful you do! That taco bowl looks amazing! I checked out a single serve blender like that one at Walmart but they only had crazy bright colors not black, I might have to get one!


  6. The Teenage Taste

    Whoa! Now that is A LOT of competition prep…I’m sure it will all pay-off when you win, right?! 😉
    I just looked at your dress. It’s SO pretty!

  7. Oooh good luck in the competition!! after all that hard work I’m sure you’ll do FAB!!
    When I used to dance, I was very competitive!! Now I’ve calmed it down a bit!lol

  8. I heart tuna sashimi! Love love love!!!

    When is the competition date again? I know its any day?!!!

    Love u!!

  9. I NEED that blender! I will definitely be on the lookout for that. The cleanup is my least fave!
    Thanks for popping by my blog so I could discover yours!
    You are about to get a new Twitter follower 😉

  10. SO funny I have been looking at that single serve blender for awhile now, I am DEFINITELY going to purchase now that I know it works well! I wish I had a good excuse to get a spray tan and my nails done- that sounds so fun! -jamie

  11. Woah I’m liking that single serve blender! Cleanup is the thing that makes me not want to make smoothies most! Good luck on your competition!

  12. I LOVE single-serve blenders! Love love love. Less mess, less hassle and I love the ones that come with a lid so I can just toss the smoothie in my purse and bring it with me!

  13. Good luck on the competition! I remember prepping for my ballet shows, ah so much work between hair and make up but definitely worth it at the end. I miss those days, so much fun 😀

  14. Good luck with your competition!

    I’m a fan of the Magic Bullet myself. Your salds look so filling, mine are always so boring!

  15. I can’t stand stray eyebrow hairs either!!! Such a pet peeve!! Can’t wait to see competition pictures!

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