Emerald Ball 2011

Hello lovelies!!!! Yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER! No really…it was!! If you remember I have been preparing for my dance competition, and it happened!! It was an incredible day so lets recap!

6:15 AM Wake up starting getting my hair and makeup done by my cousin.

7:30 AM Leave for the Hilton hotel by LAX airport.

8:15 AM Arrive warm up for first dance heat.


I ran into my friend Melissa, who was also competing in the event!!


This is my cousin who was my stylist for the day!! She did my hair and makeup!!



All ready to dance!!


My teacher Felipe, and I.

8:30-1:30 Dance heats.

First set of scores:


All 1st places and a 2nd!!! I’ll take those scores any day!!!

Dance shots:





After I finished my single dances I headed home for a few hours before coming back for my scholarships. Scholarships are when you are judged for three dances at once as opposed to each single dance. You also have the chance to win some $$!

I competed in two scholarships and took 1st place in both!!! I can’t put into words how happy I was!!!


First place!!


I got two trophies!!!


Posing with my amazing teacher who helped me get these trophies!!


Woot woot!!!

I’ll be back later with a regular post!!




If you want to see a video from the event click HERE!!!! Me dancing CHA CHA!!


15 responses to “Emerald Ball 2011

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! I want to jump and down right now!! Ok I am!!! CONGRATS girl!!!!!

    U ROCKED IT!!!! I wish I was there to see your dances! U look so beautiful! So happy for you! U better celebrate today!!!!

    Love u!!

  2. Congrats! You look beautiful! I think we need some video coverage from your next competition!

  3. AHHH GORGEOUS GIRL!! CONGRATS!! You are absolutely amazing. You look stunningly beautiful!

  4. Congrats girl!!!! That’s so amazing that you won two trophies!! You looked seriously gorgeous!

  5. AHHHH CONGRATS!!! you look AMAZING!! love the hair!! gna go chk out the vid!

  6. CONGRATS!!!! you look so beautiful and you’re glowing with happiness. xo

  7. Ah great job!!! I loved the video.

  8. Omg that is SOOO amazing! Congratulations on winning 1st place πŸ™‚

    You look beautiful! Rockin the red!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS DARLING!! I know you worked really hard for that trophy! πŸ™‚

  10. Congrats!!! You look spectacular. You totally deserve it girl πŸ™‚

  11. Congratulations! I just watched the video- you are amazing!

  12. Congrats! That’s so amazing! I wish I could dance like that!

  13. Congratulations! What an accomplishment – and you looked gorgeous!!

  14. thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚ and omg, I think your dress is so pretty! you are so talented. way to go first place!

  15. Congratulations!!! And you looked awesome, loved the makeup.

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