Amazing weekend & Arbonne Essentials

Hey party people!!! I know you have been dying to know where I have been the past four days…just kidding!! Well if you didn’t notice I was absent from blog world this weekend and in truth, I was just enjoying life!! I don’t like to blog on the weekends….so I don’t. It’s my blog I’ll do what I want :)! Lets start the recap though. Be prepared for lots of food, and lots of fun!



Veggie Protein puffs!! The Kay’s sample pack I got is like the gift that keeps on giving!! I have to say, the protein puffs are my favorite thing from them!


Had to get my juice on!!

and on…



Egg bowl with 100 cal pack guac!!



Sweet potato gnocchi and mini wantons. (Weird but amazing mix!)
Mothers day surf and turf! I stuck with the surf and forgot about the turf 😉

Moving on…..I wanted to tell you that Sat I had the most amazing Cinco de Mayo themed party!!! I threw it with my friend Lauren at our dance studio, and it was a blasty!! Sadly, I only have on picture to show from this glorious night!
IMG_0890.jpg Twin hosts!! (Don’t judge my pasty white color against her super tan skin!)

Had to throw in this pic of Foxy because I can’t help myself.

So the awesome people over at Arbonne Essentials sent me some awesome samples to review!! How sweet!! My loot: Energy fizz tabs, detox tea, protein shake mix, and energy chews!!!
I was so excited when I got this I had to try some things right away!


The pomegranate fizz tab was SO GOOD! The flavor was a little vitaminy (is that even a word?) but I really enjoyed it. I don’t know that I was more energized, but it did suppress my appetite a bit, which it was supposed to do! I have also tried the chocolate energy chew which was really tasty. I can’t wait to try the rest of the products!

That’s it for now my loves!!

What was the best part of your weekend?

P.S I bought a Groupon deal for Yoga Works, so I will be getting my Yoga on for the next month!! So excited!!


6 responses to “Amazing weekend & Arbonne Essentials

  1. You always look amazing no matter what you wear, that pink is gorgeous on you! I love getting samples to try, I bet you’ll love them all. And I saw that same groupon! Enjoy all your yoga classes 😀

  2. Love groupon yoga deals!!! I wish you had more pics from your party. You look smokin!

  3. You look so great for the party girl!! And your egg bowl with the guac seriously sounds amazing!

  4. Yay you got veggie puffs!!! I have to say the protein puffs are my favorite too!!!!

    Love u!!

  5. yay groupon deals!!

    and i LOVE YOUR DRESS ! hawt!!!

    i wish ‘cados + guac were less expensivE!!!

    happy thursday! 🙂

  6. The best part of my weekend was taking the time to actually relax instead of doing tons of stuff like usual.

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