Missed you!

Hey loves, I missed you!! I am SO SORRY for disappearing from blog world for a week!! It was a crazy week and made me realize how much I really love blogging and all of you!! I am back though and will be back to my daily (except the weekends) posts! Lets see if there is even a way to sum up the past week….



Eggstada with cream cheese and smoked salmon.


Lemon Chobani with Kashi Go Lean Crunch


La tortilla wrap with hummus, butter lettuce, and TJ’s meatless meatballs


Stuffed shrooms…


These turned out incredible!!


Fiesta stuffed spaghetti squash. (recipe coming soon) This was one of the best creations I have ever made, to die!! Each half is about 300 calories, perfection!

I had a moment of craving and decided to try Baked pickles!! I guess this is my take on fried pickles! I have seen a lot of these on blogs before and decided to recreate them for me and the roomie!


This turned into…..



Which ended up like this:


Seriously amazing!! They were perfect dipped in ketchup!!!

Moving on….

Dance parties have been consuming my life…(love it!!) Here are a couple pics!!


Twin, Maria, Me!


Twin Sandwich take 2!


Twin Sandwich x3

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you may know that I call her my “twin” because we are both named Lauren! Not to mention we are beyond similar and obsessed with each other!!!

Also, the dress I was wearing was Alice and Olivia.

I’m finishing out my day at work then heading to yoga! I’ll be back with more regular updates again!


Have you ever had friend or baked pickles??

Leopard print, a do or a don’t? For me, it’s always a DO!


16 responses to “Missed you!

  1. So glad you’re back!! 🙂

  2. sara @ the foodie diaries

    Woops, for some reason that shows my old blog address! Glad you’re back 🙂

  3. leopard print for me is always a don’t…it just doesnt feel like “me” but you certainly rock it! 🙂

  4. I’m definitely making your fried pickles. They look so good and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Leopard print DO.

    Fried pickles…always get them at hooters. LOVE!

  6. I’ve never had fried pickles but I feel like I would love it! And you look so pretty in all those pictures 😀

  7. baked pickles!? noo way never had fried either! we missed uu!!! u look so cute in that dress!

  8. Animal prints ROCK!!!!!!

  9. I just had the best fried pickles of my life at a brewery in Salem, Mass. I’ve never tried baked pickles though!! My wheels are turning now!!

  10. Yay you’re back! I had fried pickles once and they were beyond amazing!

  11. Omgaahh your outfits are so FIERCE! LOOVE them, and leopard print is DEF a “do” along with most animal print! I was just talking about trying fried pickles yesterday, I want to soso bad. I might have to give this recipe a try, much healthier than any restaurant fried pickles ferrsherr!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your’s rocks!
    And I’m totally diggin your meal pics girl, what awesome ideas!! Mmmm chobani and kashi is a match made in tastebud heaven 😛

  13. I haven’t tried the lemon Chobani yet! Did you like it? 🙂

  14. I’ve had fried pickled dipped in ranch-they were the bomb! Great idea if you make them again is to use the tiny sliced pickles they get crispier! I can only do leopard accents because I’m not brave but you look fierce in it!

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