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The New Hungry Dancer

Well hello there. Long time no see my friends. I think it’s only fair that I explain myself….

The truth of the matter is that when I started my blog I was beyond passionate about it and hopeful that I could reach people who struggled with the same things in life that I did, and still do. After a couple months of blogging, I started to really question if I should really be writing a “healthy living blog” I have no interest in waking up at 5 am to run 15 miles, I don’t eat oats that often (hehe), nor do I come up with tons of innovative recipes. What really makes me qualified to be writing a blog?? I guess there isn’t really an answer to that question. The only thing I can really tell you is that I am passionate about food, fitness, and fun. I think that reading so many other blogs about these people who run a marathon every month, or are doing triathlons kind of made me feel like a phony. I think this also led to my blog posts not really being, “Me.” I felt pressured to try and post new eats all the time, and if I didn’t work out one day I felt guilty, maybe didn’t post all the nights on the town…Well things are changing here at Hungry Dancer. I don’t want to give up blogging because I love it a lot. But I’m just gonna say screw it and write what I want, when I want. I’m 21, I love going out and having a good time with my friends, but I also like to eat as healthy as I can, dance my a$$ off, and maybe throw in some fun workout classes.

What to expect from the new Hungry Dancer

Photo on 2011-06-02 at 19.53.jpg

(Edit: It may appear I posted a picture of me on the toilet…but NO! I was just sitting on it with the lid CLOSED! HAHA)

– Consistent posts daily. (Mostly about whatever my little heart desires 🙂 )

– Me being, me.

– More about my crazy shenanigans

– Fun healthy versions of my favorite foods. (Pizza, wraps, pasta…etc)

Well now that I’ve talked your ear off, lets move on!! I am feeling more inspired then ever, and I hope you’re with me. Some things will stay the same: My yummy food, lots of pictures, and my grammatical errors (sorry I was always better at math than writing.)


If you didn’t know already…I have an addiction to the grocery store. I get beyond excited to grocery’s kind of scary. Well last night after work, my roomie and cousin Sara and I, went to Ralphs. We may have gone a little crazy….(-$180) Even better than grocery shopping…….knowing how many possibilities you have for breakfast and lunch!! I practically flew out of bed because I was so excited for breakfast. Since it’s pretty warm here in LA, I went with a parfait!


This baby started with plain Fage 0%, then I topped it with raspberries and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Yum and yum! Parfaits are such a delicious healthy breakfast, I’m a fan. Not to mention the countless mixes you could make!

I would also like to share my new obsession with you….


This stuff is the!! No joke I could drink 15 bottles of this a day!

I’m currently working all day, and then I’ll be dancing tonight! Getting to dance so much makes my life that much better. No joke, I live for it.

Since that’s all I’ve got for you on the food front so far, I’ll leave you with some fun pics from the weekend!! Enjoy.


Me and my girl Lauren!!


My adorable parents at a dance event!


I ate The Fitnessista’s breakfast cookie dough cereal for the first time…..Wow oh wow!


My cousin and I at the LA film Festival. Her movie the Inkeepers was INCREDIBLE!! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!


My cousins pup! How cute is he??

Well that’s it for now!



If you have a blog, did you struggle to “make it your own”??

What would you like to see on Hungry Dancer??

Yogurt Parfaits, yay or nay??



Hey besties!! Before I get started, I need to talk about a little boo boo that happened last night! Sometimes getting hurt is unavoidable.(or you’re just a klutz like me!) So last night me and the roomie/cousin went to yoga, then decided to take a dip in the hot tub after! Obviously after swimming I showered, and this is where things went downhill. Getting out of the shower, some how the bottom of the shower door cut my foot open! Thankfully the wound wasn’t that bad. There was just a lot of blood which really freaked me out!! Luckily we were able to make a makeshift bandage with paper towels and packing tape. I know we are just that cool.


Bandaged foot! If you follow me on twitter, you may have also seen this tweet last night:

Lauren Hannah

Gashed my foot open on the shower door….awesome

Moving on…..

I am one of those people who HAS to have dessert after dinner…well last night was no different.


Skinny Cow cookie and cream sandwich! YUM (please note the dog in the background about to lick my dessert!!)


Clearly I’m not the only one who wanted to eat this!!!


I have to say I used to only really enjoy hot oats. I had a couple bad experiences with overnight oats, and they just didn’t tickle my fancy. It’s all changed, I am addicted and nothing with stop me from eating this for the next 3483094 mornings!


The night before I mixed:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2 Tbs oat bran
  • 1/3 cup plain 0% greek yogurt
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Chia seeds and stevia

This morning I just topped it with some more almond milk and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. I am seriously obsessed. Dare I say I may like this more than hot oats??


The other day while shopping I came across something interesting….


Being a morning star fan, I had to try it!!! Lunch was served fast and easy!


I have to say, I really enjoyed it!! I’ve always been obsessed with chili so this is a good healthy alternative. I would have liked it a bit more spicy, but you can’t have it all!

Around 3pm I had a snack…


I’m in love with these. I wish Kay’s sent me a million more packages of protein goodies!! 😉

Well I am finishing off my day at the store then tonight I will be dancing. Nothing to make me happier then a night of dancing!


Overnight Oats or Hot Oats??

Missed you!

Hey loves, I missed you!! I am SO SORRY for disappearing from blog world for a week!! It was a crazy week and made me realize how much I really love blogging and all of you!! I am back though and will be back to my daily (except the weekends) posts! Lets see if there is even a way to sum up the past week….



Eggstada with cream cheese and smoked salmon.


Lemon Chobani with Kashi Go Lean Crunch


La tortilla wrap with hummus, butter lettuce, and TJ’s meatless meatballs


Stuffed shrooms…


These turned out incredible!!


Fiesta stuffed spaghetti squash. (recipe coming soon) This was one of the best creations I have ever made, to die!! Each half is about 300 calories, perfection!

I had a moment of craving and decided to try Baked pickles!! I guess this is my take on fried pickles! I have seen a lot of these on blogs before and decided to recreate them for me and the roomie!


This turned into…..



Which ended up like this:


Seriously amazing!! They were perfect dipped in ketchup!!!

Moving on….

Dance parties have been consuming my life…(love it!!) Here are a couple pics!!


Twin, Maria, Me!


Twin Sandwich take 2!


Twin Sandwich x3

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you may know that I call her my “twin” because we are both named Lauren! Not to mention we are beyond similar and obsessed with each other!!!

Also, the dress I was wearing was Alice and Olivia.

I’m finishing out my day at work then heading to yoga! I’ll be back with more regular updates again!


Have you ever had friend or baked pickles??

Leopard print, a do or a don’t? For me, it’s always a DO!

New Competition Dress

Hey there!!! First of all, my cousin wanted to thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! She really appreciated it. How is your day going?? I’m at work now, but last night I got my new competition dress!!!! If you don’t remember what my old one looked like you can check out my recap from my last dance competition! So without further ado….

Photo on 2011-04-25 at 23.06 #4.jpg

The front

Photo on 2011-04-25 at 23.06 #3.jpg

The back!

I had this dress made for me and it came out PERFECT!!! It’s always nerve wracking getting a dress made for you, but it turned out amazing!!

Photo on 2011-04-25 at 23.07.jpg

Look at the detail on the skirt and belt!! I am beyond happy with this dress!! I still can’t believe my competition is on Saturday!!!! Wish me luck??

Moving on…..


My breakfast this morning was to die for. If you don’t know already, my food gets me very excited!!

Egg white, goat cheese, avocado omelet!



Do easy, delicious, and filling! If you haven’t figured it out yet, you may realize I DON’T post a lot of complicated recipes, my eats are always fast, easy, and pretty healthy! It’s just how I roll.

I also went to his new bagel shop one of my customers told me about for some iced coffee!! I’m obviously a coffee addict, so when she told me they used REAL iced coffee cubes, I was in!


I got the roasted hazelnut iced coffee. The real iced coffee cubes are genius, the coffee never gets watered down!


If there is one of these places near you, I suggest you go get your hands on the iced coffee.



I’m not a big fan of frozen meals, especially Lean Cuisine. But there is one that I can’t resist because I love it so much. It would be the tortilla crusted fish. I know it’s full of “fake” food, but it’s delish and I will eat it if I’m being lazy and I want it!

I had to obv eat it with some fruit to feel a little better 🙂


POM seeds! Lurveeeee!

After work I will be heading home and pumping out a treadmill/elliptical sesh in our little gym!! Can’t wait to get my shweat on!



Is there any frozen meals you can’t live without??

Best omelet you’ve ever had??

PS. Did you notice that the little bloggy got a facelift?? New header, new theme. You like?

PSS. If you aren’t following me on twitter, you may want to because when I get to 150 followers, I will be hosting a giveaway!!

Weekend Recap & Happy Birthday Sis/Cousin

Hola!! Happy late Easter/Passover or whatever you celebrated!!! I missed you all this weekend, but you know I was still stalking your blogs! ;). So instead of blabbering lets recap, because there is a lot!!!


Friday I was off work!! I had a dance lesson and then I went to lunch with my Mama. I danced again at night, then went to karaoke after dance with my friend Lauren. I love karaoke, do you??



After a morning elliptical sesh, I was craving cereal!! Enter Kashi Go lean Crunch and almond milk!! Hit the spot!

For lunch we went to the little cafe in Saks Fifth Avenue!! It’s one of my favorite lunch spots in Beverly Hills!


They start by serving you these warm flat breaks with a olive spread. SO GOOD!

I went with a salad…


So delicious!! Hungry Dancer health tip: Always order dressing on the side to avoid tons of excess calories!! I like to do the dip and eat. Dip the fork in the dressing then go for the salad! This saves you tons of extra fat and calories!

Dinner ended up being an easy peasy wrap!


La tortilla factory tortilla, goat cheese, romaine, meatless meatballs, and salsa!! Hit-the-spot!


If you didn’t already know, I work EVERY saturday! No joke. So of course it was a work day. Let’s just skip the day and move on to night time!! I stopped by my fav store Trader Joe’s after work for some essentials and ended up with this creation for dinner.


Gnocchi with feta and brussels sprouts!! My best friend Jamie came over so I cooked this for her two! She gave it two thumbs up!!

We followed dinner with a dip in the HOT TUB then a trip to get yogurt!!


YOGURT LAND!! I might have went a little wild on the yogurt!! Look at all those toppings!!

I always think of one of my favorite bloggers Janae, because she LOVES Yogurtland!



We don’t really celebrate easter in the Hungry Dancer household but we did have a celebration because it was my cousin Sara’s 23rd birthday!!!


Her real birthday is actually today, Monday the 25th!! Happy birthday Cousin!!!

To celebrate, we obviously had TONS of food!! Look at these snacks!!


Cheese and crackers, hummus and dippers, sushi!!


Chips and guac, crackers and crab salad, Ruffles and sour cream and onion dip!! Let’s just say I was a full dancer yesterday!! HAHA

For our dinner it was hotdog and hamburger style! My cousin had requested Chicago Style hot dogs, and since I am NOT a fan of hot dogs, I went with a turkey burger!


Hungry Dancer tip #2: If you have a fluffy bun, scoop out the inside of the bread to save some calories! I had a turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion! Don’t fret I added more….


Guacamole!! It was perfect!!

Then it was time for Sara to blow out the candles!!


Sara has been obsessed with ice cream cake since she was a little girl, so that’s obviously what we had!!


My slice of mint chip ice cream cake! Yummerz!

Speaking of the Birthday Girl…...

Sara and I grew up like sisters. We are both only children and our moms are best friends!! We did everything together for our entire childhood!! I feel so lucky to have her in my life as a cousin, but even more as a sister! We both know that no matter what happens we will always be there for each other and have each others back! There is nothing more important in life than family.




Happy 23rd Birthday!! I love you sooo much!!!


Did you celebrate Easter or Passover??

Do you have family members that are like siblings??

PS 5 days till my dance competition!!! Getting my new dress tonight, pictures coming soon!!

Perfect 10

Hey hey hey!!!!! Happy HUMP day!!! Right now I am very over caffeinated and hoping not to sound as hyperactive as I feel!!!! Guess what?? I thought It would be fun to show you the Hungry Dancer Kitchen!!!


This is where all the magic happens……(Yes the chairs have martini glasses on the back….)

Moving on…..



Perfect 10 bagel with laughing cow cheese! One egg over easy, two egg whites!!! Some mornings I really just want eggs for breakfast!!!

I thought I would share more information on my favorite bagels!!


These babies have 140 calories, 9 grams of fiber, and 18 grams of protein!! Yes I did say 18 grams of protein!!!



Packed up a salad monster for lunch!!!!

  • Hearts of romaine
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Reduced fat cheddar
  • Nancy’s light ranch



I also can’t seem to get enough ICED coffee!! This warm weather is making me crave iced coffee like no other!!




Unfortunately with this time change, a morning workout didn’t happen!!!! I am planning to do some cardio tonight after work, and then later tonight I get to DANCE!!!! I haven’t danced in two days and I feel like im DYING!!! It’s an addiction, I swear!!!


What’s in your favorite salad monster??

Weekend off

Hello lovebugs!!! If you didn’t notice…I took the weekend off blogging! I usually like to post everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way! I have to say, it was nice to not be consumed with technology for a few days!! How was your weekend?? Mine was pretty fab!!

Friday night we had a dance party at our studio! It was St. Patricks theme, so of coarse I wore green!


This is me and my friend Lauren! (Yes we have the same name!!) Everyone calls us the twins because we are always together at dance!! These parties are so much fun!! We danced from eight thirty to midnight!!!

Saturday involved working, then spending the night with my BFF Jamie!!! It’s always nice to have girl time, and it was much needed!!!


Moving on to some eats……Saturday at work, this happened:


Chipotle!!! I have not eaten Chipotle in over six months!!! There is one walking distance from our Beverly Hills store, and we had gotten sick of it! (I know, hard to believe) I was working with my mom and we were both craving it….so we had to have it!! The best thing about it is that it was lunch AND dinner!!! Those bowls and HUGE!!!!


Breakfast of champions…..Perfect 10 bagel with AB, banana, and cinnamon!!


Baked tofu and butternut squash!!


Broccoli Fries!!! These are fab!!IMG_0407.jpg

I am a fan!!


Mini Wontons!!!


I am currently watching re runs of One Tree Hill!!!! (I’m obsessed) Then I will soon be heading out to see a movie with a friend!! I love having monday’s off work!!!


What are you doing for St. Patricks day??

What’s your workout today??

My workout is just a walk/run with the puppy!! Nothing too serious!!