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Arthritis Walk 2011

Hey friends!! How are you??? This is going to be a quick post because I want to share something really important with you. A friend of our family is suffering from arthritis and it’s a cause that’s definitely worth supporting. There will be a walk for the cause tomorrow! I wont be able to be there because I am working, but I’m hoping that any of you who live in the LA area would participate!!!

Event Information

Event Info:
The Arthritis Walk® is the Arthritis Foundation’s annual nationwide signature event that raises funds and awareness to fight arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability.

The Arthritis Walk® kicks off in May during National Arthritis Month in more than 250 communities nationwide to fund arthritis research, health education and government advocacy initiatives.

Participants walk in honor of a friend or family member with arthritis. People with arthritis wear blue hats to signify their action in taking control of their condition. The event features a three- mile and one-mile course, with arthritis information and activities for the entire family. In many communities, pet owners are invited to bring their dogs along for the event.

By joining your 2011 Arthritis Walk®, you become a part of the Let’s Move Together, a nationwide movement that encourages people to move to prevent or treat arthritis. Start moving today for better health!

Event Location:

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Santa Monica Pier Lot 1 North
1550 Pacific Coast Hwy
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA

Event Schedule:
Saturday, June 4, 2011
Santa Monica Pier

7:30 am Registration 8:30 am Opening ceremony & Warm up, 9:00 am Walk begins… 1 or 3 mile options 9:00 – 11:00 am – Arthritis Walk Village, Kids Zone, Entertainment & Refreshments

6/4/2011 7:30 am – 11:00 am
Sunday, June 5, 2011
Six Flags Magic Mountain

7:00 am Registration opens, 8:00 am Opening ceremony & Warm up, 9:00 am Walk begins… 1 or 3 mile options, 7:30 – 10:30 am – Festival Zone, Kids Zone, Entertainment & Refreshments


6/5/2011 7:00 am – 10:30 am
Standard: No Fees
Participants who raise $100 or more will receive an Arthritis Walk t-shirt

You can also check out Blake’s story here. It’s a very brave and emotional story. Thank you so much.
P.S Be back with a real post soon!!!


Dinner for Breakfast

Hello my loves!! Happy friday!! Can you believe it’s already the weekend again? I know I can’t! Where does the time go??  Today I am working all day long! I had made a Vlog to post today, but the YouTube devils weren’t on my side.  Every time I try to post a video, my words don’t match my lips.  Annoying, right??  If any of you computer genius’ know how to fix this, clue me in ASAP!

Moving on….

This morning looked a little like this:

Homemade fried rice!!

Sometimes I don’t crave breakfast food for breakfast.  I know, crazy right?? This was one of those days, so I made homemade fried rice.

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 egg, 1 egg white
  • rice vinegar
  • soy sauce
This was SOO easy!! I just pan fried the rice, cracked the egg, then added the sauces! So easy, so delicious!
I have been neglecting my greens, so I packed a big ol salad monster for lunch!
Romaine, black beans, bell pepper, avocado, honey mustard dressing. DELICIIIIIIIIOUS!
So I have come to the conclusion that I might have a shopping problem…… I am usually really good about avoiding shopping malls, but something happened! I had a gift card…which led to me buying more than I should have! Whoops! You know what they say, once you pop the fun don’t stop!
One sleeve dress. Brand: Young, Fabulous, and Broke. (Cute name right??)
New TOMS!!! I’m obsessed with Toms! I love how comfy their shoes are, and I love their cause! I get to wear cute shoes and help charity! LOVE these metallic ones!
That’s all for now.
Do you ever crave dinner for breakfast??
Are you a shopping addict like me??

Foxy Lady

Hey Love bugs!!! How’s your day treating you?? Mine has been pretty good!! I am still in the process of putting this little bloggy through some changes, but it is taking longer than expected..oh well!! Patience is a virtue, right? Well There are a lot of things going on with me these days and I plan to share with you!!

First and foremost, I want to formally introduce you to the love of my life!! Foxy Lady!IMG_0402.JPG

She is half papillon, half maltese! I am seriously obsessed with her!! She is the cutest dog ever!!!! She also loves everyone!! If you come over, she’ll definitely be your BFF


I like to photograph her in her sleep. Yes, I’m weird like that!!

Moving on….


Yesterday I did one of my favorite workouts of all time!!! CARDIO BARRE!!!! I am seriously in love with this class!!! If there is a studio near your house, go ASAP! You can thank me later!! Such an amazing workout!


After a sweaty session of Cardio Barre with my cousin, we wanted smoothies!!!


I got one of their new Veggie and Fruit smoothies! I got the orange carrot karma with soy protein! It was OK…not amazing. It was a little too carroty for my taste. I guess I should have figured…..



Lunch was one of my wraps!!! If you are new to the blog, you will learn that I’m OBSESSED with wraps!! This baby was loaded with avocado, chicken breast (oops), and shredded cabbage. I also topped it with some salsa! DELISH! I have to admit that after deciding to become pescatarian…I caved and ate chicken! I wasn’t planning to be super strict about it so I’m not beating myself up over it. A chicken wrap was all I wanted, so I ate it!

I enjoyed my lunch while flipping through this magazine…


Am I the only one who loves all magazines based on exercise and healthy eating????? I LOVE them!!!



First I will say it tasted much better than it looks!!

Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs, brown rice, brussels sprouts!! The brussels sprouts come in a special buttery sauce, and I topped the balls and rice with avocado salsa!! YUM

You better know by now that dessert followed!!


Berry bowl!!!! See the little nugget sleeping in the background???

Well tonight is a big night for me. I am moving, getting a new dress made for my next dance competition, and dancing!!! Couldn’t be happier. Yes, you read that right..I’m moving!! I will have more information on that to come!!



What’s your favorite magazine??

Favorite smoothie??

Try This Thursday

Hello friends!!! I can’t believe it’s already thursday!! This week FLEW by!!!! So I have decided to try something new on the bloggie!! Try this thursday!! Every thursday I’ll tell you three things you should try!!! Lets get started!!

1. Mexican Socca Pizza


Being a mexican, I feel the need to mexify tons of my meals!! I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE mexican food!! So here is my healthified socca pizza!!

I pan fried a a socca and topped it with vegetarian refried beans and low fat cheese!!

Topped with salsa obviously!!


NOM NOM NOM!! Try this beauty ASAP!!!

2. Take a swing dance class!!

Last night I went out socially dancing with my cousin!!! It was a west coast swing club, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Most places that have these dance nights have a group class before!! Go take a class and then dance the night away!! Soon enough you will be dancing like this:

3. Tell someone you love why you love them!!!

I think sometimes we don’t tell the people we love, how much they mean to us!! Never take anyone for granted and treat people the way you would want to be treated!!


I Love my Grandpa because he is one of the most generous, loving, kind, funny people I know!!! I grew up with my grandpa driving me to and from school every single day!!! I am beyond close with him, and am so lucky to have a grandpa like him!! I love you Grandpa!!!

That’s all for today!!


What are you going to try???

P.S look at this!!

Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey there!! I’m blogging from work, where I’m sick as a dog! I haven’t been able to eat anything yet and I feel horrible!! Let me just tell you…these past two weeks have NOT been the best weeks ever! I don’t want to sit here and bitch and moan about my problems…but these are worth venting. And hey, it’s my blog…I can do what I want!! (hehe!)

Ok lets explain these series of unfortunate events that have been encompassing my life!

1. I lost my wallet on St. Patricks day.


I am not sure if I lost it..or it was stolen. Lets say that those holiday drinks can get the best of you!!!! I think I left it in a cab and the next person who got in took it!!! I didn’t have much cash so that was no biggie..BUT I LOVED that wallet!! I also lost my license and debit card, which will lead to even more unfortunate events!

2. The only form of photo ID I have is an EXPIRED passport!


I turned 21 about 6 months ago….so it’s safe to say I ALWAYS get carded. To make matters worse…my friend Morgan was coming in from colorado for the week, and of coarse would want to go out!!! I tried to make a appointment at the DMV and they told me the earliest appointment was APRIL 7!!!! Um no thanks!

3. The DMV only accepts debit, cash, or check!

After waiting in the DMV for I don’t know how long, I find out they don’t take credit cards?? WTF! I usually always have my debit card…but the replacement hadn’t come yet and I had NO cash!!! Lucky for me Morgan ended up being able to pay for it after transferring money around….yes she didn’t have $25 in her checking account!! Don’t judge her!!

I love her!! She was my savior!


4. My iphone was stolen last night.


I kid you not….I got my wallet and phone stolen in the span of a week! What are the chances?? Let me also tell you I was NOT intoxicated when my phone was stolen!! We were at a lounge and I put it down on our table for 5 seconds and someone snatched it up! So now I need to get a new one and cry about it!


Ok I am DONE crying about all my issues and now will post some happy things!

1. I am valid for an upgrade through AT&T!

At least when I get my new phone I wont have to pay a hefty $600!!! I get the upgrade price, which is expensive, but not too bad!

2. Kombucha makes me happy!

Photo on 2011-03-23 at 12.10 #2.jpg

3. My family and friends are all happy and healthy!

That’s what’s important in life!! My silly problems are nothing! What’s important is that you have a great support system in life and appreciate the special people! I feel so blessed to live such a great life where I can be a competitive dancer, blogger, and work in retail sales!!! I have a lot on my plate, but I love it that way!!! I am also thankful for all my readers because I love you guys and I read every single comment and email I get!! It makes me so happy!!

I will leave you with a video that’s been helping me laugh out all the stress of not having a wallet nor phone!

Coffee Addict

Hi my babes!!! It’s FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!!! If you couldn’t tell I’m excited for the weekend!! Are you?? Any special plans this weekend?? I am working today and tomorrow…BUT I will be dancing tonight, seeing a friend tomorrow night, then seeing my parents in a dance showcase on sunday!!! If I didn’t tell you, my parents are also ballroom dancers!! They dance more socially, while I dance competitively!! They are so cute when they dance together!!!

So I wanted to touch on my coffee addiction!! I know I have mentioned it, but I want to explain the amount of coffee that is consumed in one day!! Let’s start bright and early!!

8: 30 AM Wake up.  Immediately drink a large cup of coffee made by my dad!!

I get ready, make breakfast.  On my way out the door I have to make two more cups of coffee!!

9:30 AM

Two K-cups go into this because I like my coffee strong!!!

I go to work.  Around 3 I usually need a pick me up!! I work 8 hour days 5 days a week!!

Hello Starbucks!!!


Either a light frap or a latte!!

Sometimes I drink even more then this….but this is a usual day!!!!

Moving on….


This was AMAZING!!! A perfect 10 bagel, 1T HB, half a sliced naner!!! And this whole delicious creation only hits about 300-350 calories!! Can you say hell yes?!?! This may be my new favorite breakfast!!!


I packed a salad for lunch at work today, because I was feeling a need to chomp some romaine!!! I will also use any excuse to eat garbanzos, cheese, and Nancy’s Ranch!! Nancy’s Ranch is my FAVORITE DRESSING!! It is only 60 calories for 2T and it tastes beyond creamy and delicious!!

Sorry no dressing in the picture!! I didn’t want it to get soggy!! This had 1 cup garbanzos, and 1/4 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese!  (Told you I wasn’t going to eyeball anymore!!!)  If I eyeball the amount of cheese I may use the whole package!

I can’t wait to dig into this salad after I finish this post!!


So last night I went shopping with my mom.  I wasn’t planning on buying anything….but if the shirt fits….

I love how soft it is and that the sides are mesh!!! The brand is Vintage Havana and I bought it at Bloomingdales!! For work I wore it with a tank top, but if you want to be sexy just wear a bra under!! A little skin never hurt anyone ;)!

I really want to thank you all for your support on my weight loss goals!! I was nervous to share, but I knew you girls would be supportive and make me feel good!! So  far I’m feeling really good about it!! I have skipped my late night snack for a cup of sleepytime tea, and really tracking my portions!! I realized that when you maintain, you don’t think about all the little things you nibble.  Now that I am working to lose weight, I am OK without my extra snacks!! I feel 100% mental commitment, which makes it so much more easy.  I have also made an effort to do some type of workout besides dance these past two days!!!

Would you be interested in weekly updates on my weight loss??


Do you drink coffee or tea?? Any addictions you just can’t break?? What’s your favorite nut butter??

P.S Are you following me on twitter??? It would mean the world to me if you did!!!!!!

I can do it

Hello friendzies!!! Happy hump day!!! I will never get tired of knowing that weds is the day of “hump!”  My day has involved a lot of working!!! Today was a busy day at the store!!


Eggs in a basket!! Also doused in my love Cholula!!

I was able to sneak in a quick workout with Jillian Michaels this morning before work!! 30-day shred, how I love thee.  Such a quick but amazing workout!!  Love her DVD’s!!



Pomegranate Chobani with Kashi Berry Bliss cereal! Such a tasty and filling snack!! I love this flava flav!!


Turkey sammy at work!!! The best work lunches involve wraps or sandwiches!! I used to always bring frozen meals, but not anymore!! I hardly eat any frozen meals anymore! YAY ME!

There’s been something I have been wanting to share with you readers!! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to to post this or not, but I felt like it would make me a bad blogger and friend, if I didn’t!! If you’ve read my story on my about page, you know I have lost a lot of weight in the past few years.  I have felt great being able to maintain it for about a year now, but I think I would like to lose a bit more.   After my dance competition I was watching my videos, and looking at the pictures.  In truth…..I wasn’t happy. I am not overweight and I feel good now…but I would feel better as a dancer if I could take a little more weight off.  It’s not just for vanity, it’s also for my dancing.  If I am going to be a professional dancer I need to look the part.  By slimming down a bit I will dance better with my partner, and also be faster!! This is important to me and I hope I have your support! I’m planning to not change much about my eating except portions and mindless snacking.  When I first lost weight, I did a lot of measuring and really not snacking too much.  Now you may find me “eyeballing it” and eating random spoonfuls of almond butter!! I am going to change that and make an effort to really get in more workouts outside of dancing.  It’s a process and I hope by my next competition I will feel better about the way I look in my costume.  Sorry for going off on such a tangent but this is my one real goal for the next few months.  It was great to know I can maintain, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch!!



When did you find your body happiness?  What motivates you to get into the gym when you’re feeling lazy??