Video of me dancing: Swing

As you can see I LOVE dancing!! The type I do is ballroom and latin, which you might know if you have seen Dancing with the Stars.  It is my passion and I love to compete.  I currently am competing Pro/Am.  I plan to compete as an amateur till the end of 2011, but after am planning to go professional! By going professional I will be able to start teaching other what I love to do!  There would be nothing better in life than to be able to share my passion for dance with others.

In 2010 I was lucky enough to do three different competitions and each better than the last.

Competition Recaps:

More videos coming soon!!!


6 responses to “Dance

  1. Yay! Another dancer blog 🙂 Glad to know there are other’s out there as passionate about the joy’s of dance as I am!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!! I took a dance class a LONG time ago, and I LOVED it! I had so much fun that it did not seem like exercise, I did not feel like I was working out- but it sure is a workout! You look wonderful, and best of all you are having a great time!!!

  3. Hey girl, so glad you found my page!! How awesome that you do ballroom, too. I looove it so much. Which is your favorite dance? Have you ever done West Coast Swing?

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