It’s another Monday! Can you believe it?? I feel like the weeks fly by!! It’s almost April!! Anyways, did you have a great weekend?? Mine was pretty great!! My weekend was filled with LOTS of dancing, and that makes me very happy!!

Friday involved a 3 hour social dance party. It’s really fun to socially dance as well as competitively dance!! I love doing both, and I probably will never stop!! If you ever get the chance to go out salsa dancing, or swing dancing, take it!! Even if you can’t dance, you will have a blast! Trust me!! Not to mention that hours of dancing burns TONS of calories!! I was a sweaty beast after 3 hours and dancing of friday!! So fun!! Yesterday I had a lesson with my instructor because….


If you missed it…you can catch a recap of my last competition here!!!


Now on to some eats……


Banana oats with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter!


Romaine with chickpeas and reduced fat cheddar! Nancy’s light ranch! (My fav!)


Freeze dried mango! Delicious!!!

! IMG_0629.jpg

I love these because the only ingredient is mango!!! It is crunchy and less calories then regular dried mango!! I am loving freeze dried fruit right now!!

I also at dinner at Gyu Kaku with my friend Shay!


Wine for me!


Ahi tuna poke


Tuna Volcano!!

FYI I always get this combo when I come here!! Creature of habit!!


He got the beef that we were able to cook at the table!! I love this BBQ style restaurant!

More eats….


Fiber One pancake with banana!!


Rice bowl!!

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • sauteed spinach
  • Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs (YUM!)
  • Trader Joe’s avocado salsa verde!

Let me tell you, this bowl was SO FILLING!! This kept me full for hours!! I plan to re create this for dinner tonight!!


Trader Joe’s spinach and feta stuffed salmon!! (HOLY DELICIOUSNESS!!)


Am I now a Pescatarian?

I wanted to talk a little about something that I’ve been considering for a long time. If you have been a reader for a while, you may know that I don’t eat red meat. I hate to say I don’t eat something, because there is always exceptions…but in general it just isn’t my thang! I do eat my share of lean meats such as turkey and chicken breast. I don’t like to label myself…but I’ve made a decision to stop eating all meats besides fish! I am not saying that I will never eat poultry again…but for now I’m trying this out!! I find that I don’t like to relay so much on animal protein and this helps me do just that!!! But no vegetarian diet for this girl…I love my sushi way too much!!!!



Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or none of the above?? If you are, what made you decide to eat that way??


15 responses to “Pescatarian?

  1. One month until performing…yay! So excited for you! I definitely don’t each as much meat as I used to, but I can’t turn down a good old burger or bbq ribs ever!

  2. YAY for pescatarian! im a vegan and it was a combo of ethics and health that made me decide it! i LOVE IT.. i feel so healthy and i love all the foods i can eat!

  3. That’s a awesome decision! I’ve been a vegetarian for about 2 years – it started out as an ethical decision and when I educated myself it became a decision for health as well!

  4. Hi thanks for checking out my blog! I don’t eat red meat, but I do have chicken and fish.
    However, I have been thinking about incorporating meats such as pork once again!

  5. I’m a vegetarian 🙂 I’ve been vegan before, but I didn’t feel my best when I was eating that way. I miss fish sometimes, but overall, I’m really happy with my choice!

  6. I am a lacto-ovo-pescatarian. What a mouthful right? But that gives you the best description of what I eat. I decided this last August because I felt that I never enjoyed the meat part of my meal the most and when I did eat meat, when I was out at least, I was always tempted to get the unhealthy stuff. Bacon, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, and ribs. I had also read it was better for the environment and your body to have a mostly plant based diet and I felt labeling myself would help me commit. It has! I have found being my own kind of vegetarian no problem at all, I’m not sure if I’m healthier per-se but I’ve tried so many new foods and don’t plan on changing anything in the near future:)

  7. Great looking food! I don’t really know what I am—I think if I label myself something I’ll immediately mess it up. I do eat seafood sometimes, and I’ll have an occasional piece of cheese or bit of butter. But mostly, I eat a lot of plant-based foods. So, there’s not a label for that I don’t think…but definitely not into beef!

  8. I would venture to say that I’m close to being a pescotarian and lactoarian. I only really eat fish and eggs and while I do occasionally eat red meat-I prefer eggs and fish.

  9. I went vegan after reading the China Study almost 2 1/2 years ago and it’s the best decision I ever made!

  10. I have no label to my eating habits… I eat what I crave! But I only eat red meat once in a blue moon!

  11. What awesome eats! I consider myself to be none of the above although I hardly ever eat meat. It started as a diet thing and now I just prefer not to eat it

  12. Yum! So many good eats. I think it’s great that you are able to eat what feels right for you without worrying about labels. I try to do the same although often when I’m out it’s easier just to describe my diet as vegan because that’s what most people are familiar with.

    So happy I stumbled upon your blog, I’ll be adding it to my Google Reader now. 🙂 xox

  13. I’m definitely going to pick up a bottle of Nancy’s light ranch! Looks good and I’ve been in need of a new dressing!

    I never liked labels. I don’t eat as much meat as I used to but, I still incorporate it into my diet a couple times a week and when I do, it’s usually organic & hormone free.

    Meat and fish are huge parts of the Italian cuisine and I could never give them up completely. Especially on holidays where there are so many meals I look forward to!

    I mainly eat a plant based diet so I don’t find any harm in eating natural animal products when I want.

  14. I need to look for freeze dried mango next time I am at TJ’s! YUM!

    I’m none of the above!

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